How to Fix Apex Legends Mobile Voice Chat Not Working?

The Apex Legends Mobile is a free online competitive game after the success of its PC version. It is available for both iOS and Android devices, offering stories, characters, and gameplay options.
Apex Legends is a free-to-play online competitive video game that maintained its popularity after it was turned into an app for the mobile market. It is currently available for iOS and Android systems that include innumerable characters, classes, and weapons in addition to Prescott and Warwick Map. Although the game is easily one of the most downloaded in 40 countries, some players are reporting that it’s having a couple of issues or glitches. Apex Legends Mobile Voice Chat Not Working issue is one of them.

How to Fix Apex Legends Mobile Voice Chat Not Working

One of the most crucial components of the video game is the voice chat. However, if you do not have the capability to communicate with your team via voice chat, then it may become very tiring and end up wasting your time. Some unfortunate participants in the online video game Apex Legends are literally incapable of using the voice chat feature, which negatively affects the entertainment.

How to Fix Apex Legends Mobile Voice Chat Not Working?

If you’re experiencing issues with your Apex Legends mobile voice chat not working, there are a few things you can do to try and resolve the issue.

The voice chat option in Apex Legends Mobile can be accessed easily. Here’s how to use a dedicated gaming headset with a microphone: It’s advisable to use the headset and enjoy the game while using the voice chat feature, so the game will not block your headset microphone.

• Before entering a match, head over to the in-game Settings menu.
• Select the Audio tab at the top. Tap on graphics, then Audio.
• In the Voice-Over section, turn right and toggle the Use built-in mic toggle switch.
• Apex Legends Mobile is now requesting permission to use your microphone. Give it permission.
• It can also be adjusted from the monitor. You can also adjust Mic Volume and Squad Voice Chat Volume from the screen.
• Next, you can start matchmaking and find the mic icon.
• As you play through the game, you can find the mic icon in the top-left corner beside the radar as well. When selecting in-game characters, it should be in the lower right corner.
• Tap on the mic icon → Choose one of all of them depending upon your request. Like Global, Squad, or Mute.
• You can also select push-to-talk, the listening mode by tapping the speaker volume icon in the top left corner (or bottom right corner).

The three available options include Global, Squad, and Mute, with the Global choice allowing for different players around the user to receive audio, whereas the Squad choice allows for only your teammates to receive audio. The Mute choice will mute (turn off) all players so that everyone nearby cannot hear the user, and they the user cannot even hear the crowd. It’s always best to use the Squad option when playing with teammates. Otherwise, muting your audience will allow the activity to be the fullest.

Using Push to Talk Global in the video game basically allows players to use a global chat function; however, it requires a press to talk. Push to Talk Squad is analogous to an ordinary Squad chat — you have to press it to talk.

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Use Text Chat Option

You can communicate with your teammates using the text chat feature.

  • Quick callouts
    • When inside the gameplay, you can select the text icon in the top left corner and select the one. Chat messages will appear on the top left side.
  • Regular text chat
    • When you’re in the game, select the text icon in the top left corner.
    • The list of quick callout messages should appear. Tap on the black box icon which is a Squads label.
    • Type your message and hit the enter key.
    • Your message should appear immediately.
  • Read old text chats
    • Open the text icon in the top left corner > Skip the list and tap on the three-line icon with the clock.
    • All recent text messages should appear inside the box.
  • View your spectators
    • Open the text icon in the top left corner > Tap on the play icon.
    • If anyone is spectating you, it should appear in a list here.


There are several ways to try and fix Apex Legends mobile voice chat not working. If one of these solutions does not work for you, there may be a workaround that has not yet been discovered. Keep trying until you find a fix, and when you do, be sure to share it with the community!

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