How to Fix Apex Legends Mobile Crashing on Android/iOS?

In this guide, we will show you How to Fix Apex Legends Mobile Crashing on Android/iOS. Apex Legends, a mobile video game, has been incredibly popular with a wide audience owing to its amazing mechanics and easy-to-handle controls. But, despite the tweaks and updates made by the developers, users often experience several technical issues with the game, such as crashing bugs. There have been numerous times for me and also my friends exactly when Apex Legends Mobile was presented to us, but we would begin crashing on Android or iOS devices. However, the majority of these crashes are caused by game settings and other variables.

How to Fix Apex Legends Mobile Crashing on AndroidiOS

Gamers must select the most suitable gaming settings, based on desktop settings. If you have a low-performance telephone, upgrading to max HD settings will obviously crash the game. If the game crashes, you will lose the match, which will affect your rankings and score as well.

How to Fix Apex Legends Mobile Crashing on Android/iOS?

If you’re experiencing crashes in Apex Legends on your Android or iOS device, there are a few things you can do to try and fix the issue. First, make sure your device has the latest update. Second, make sure your device is running the latest version of Apex Legends. Third, make sure you’re using the correct app version for your device. Finally, if you’re still experiencing crashes, try resetting your Google Play Store and App Store accounts.

For those playing Apex Legends on both the Android and IOS systems, encountering a mobile crash while playing is practically scarcely tolerable. Unless the foundational branch is overly broken, there’s a simple fix for Apex Legends to start and finish a good fresh frame.

Method 1: Check Internet Connectivity

An online, multiplayer online survival game in which rapid performance of the Internet is very essential. If you do not have a superb Internet signal, the game could freeze or crash since the connection with the game servers will not be made. Call your ISP to check latency or buffer times to ensure reliable performance.

Method 2: Check Game Settings

To make certain that a smartphone video game functions correctly, you have to be sure to operate on the game’s fundamental settings. If your key configurations aren’t met, then the video game will have a great deal of lag or even crash. To examine these configurations, these are the settings you will need to check: Display settings, texture, GPU processes, and so forth.

First of all, decide if you want a balanced image quality and frame speed controls. These things will ensure your device is prepared to handle the game console load.

Enable Adaptive Smoothing to check its functionality on your device. Do this if your device performance is getting low.

Next, you can deactivate Dynamic Shadows, Anti Aliasing, and Refraction Quality. These are advanced game features that put a heavy calculation load on your CPU, impacting performance to the point where the game freezes or crashes.

Method 3: Close Background Apps

Many contemporary smartphones can be used to carry out multiple tasks at once, such as the multitasking feature. But at the same time, apps that perform tasks in the background may impede the gameplay. That is the reason it’s smart to close all background apps and then run the game.

Method 4: Verify Game Permissions

Every video game on your smartphone needs certain permissions such as location, internet connection, storage and all probable additional permissions. If these permissions aren’t granted, the game will not work or provide problems sometimes. Therefore, be sure to set up the required permissions in the following method.

Open settings and navigate to Apps > Apps manager section.

Open settings and navigate to Apps Apps manager section

To get to the permissions, you must get to the Apex Legends Mobile app, click on the tab, and then click on the permissions.

Be sure all the permissions are granted. Once finished, restart your device and see if the problem persists.

Method 5: Disable Battery Saver Mode

The battery-saving mode on your phone restricts WiFi access, communication server services, location services, and numerous other features. Disabling it will allow you to solve the Apex Legends Mobile Crashing problem.

Method 6: Check Storage Space

As your storage speed is low, you will not be able to play Apex Legends smoothly, even if you manage to free up some hard drive space. Maybe you could delete unneeded files or apps to make room for the game, and try it out.

Method 7: Clear Apex Legends Mobile cache

Apart from the storage directory, all locally installed programs make use of a listing of prior occasions so as to execute the program more quickly. However, in a few cases, that local file may become damaged or even collapse and cause app crashes. Once it is fixed, the program will run securely again.

Open settings and navigate to Apps > Apps manager section.

Go to Apex Legends Mobile, click the Storage tab, and then click the Clear Cache button.

Method 8: Uninstall Mod Apps or Scripts

For Android users, there have appeared several apps or scripts currently, which help interrupt the game in exchange for certain in-game advantages. But apps or scripts alike may also interrupt the operation of the game itself. It is advised not to use such apps or scripts because they can also get the account banned or temporarily removed from the game.

Method 9: Update your Phone Firmware

Sometimes the issue is not the video game, but it is the outdated edition of your phone’s firmware. Smartphone devices are improving fast, and firmware upgrades are usually made shortly thereafter. It is important that you keep your device’s software program up to date in order to get the most out of its capabilities.

So head to your device settings > about phone > software update menu and install the latest update available.

Method 10: Re-install Game from an Official Source

If none of the above-mentioned solutions work, then it suggests that the game version you have installed is corrupted and one of the essential game files is missing. Don’t panic, as you can reinstall it by going to the Appstore or Google Play store. You should install the game via the official website or the Play Store only, because downloading it from other third-party websites may lead to game crashing issues.

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Final Word:

With this concluding our discussion of fixing a Mobile Apex Legends Crashing on Android or iOS devices, remember that any game performance is strictly dependent on the carrier that you are using. Make sure your device is clear from any virus or malicious malware. And make sure it has extreme power and quick RAM so as to prevent the in-game crash from occurring.

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