Samsung Galaxy P2 Max 5G 2024 Specs, Price, and Release Date!

Samsung Galaxy P2 Max 5G 2024 comes with 16 GB RAM, Quad 200-megapixel cameras, and an 8000-mAh battery! This piece of fantastic news is for all those who love Samsung phones. Samsung occurred on 01 March 1938 in Daegu, South Korea, and a century later it remains in the popularity cycle to others.

Samsung Galaxy P2 Max

Now, everyone knows that it’s the best Asian smartphone brand. When contemplating purchasing a phone, individuals take into consideration the Samsung brand. Today, there are many smartphone brands, but the Samsung brand is unique. In 2018, the Samsung brand earned 208.5 billion dollars. And they provide the product worldwide.

They’re currently preparing for a new mobile model announcement. The successor of the new mobile model phone will be the Samsung Galaxy P2 Max. If you would like to know additional information on this excellent smartphone, read the article carefully. On, you can find all aspects of this phone.

Do you need a new Samsung smartphone, such as the Samsung Galaxy P2 Max? Samsung’s latest smartphone model is exactly what you need. Samsung has been advertising this phone because it has a great design and advanced specifications. Since it has recently been released, we must tell you all that this phone, the Samsung Galaxy P2 Max, is extremely amazing. If you are waiting for the phone to ring, then this article is going to be very useful.

We now look at the upcoming release of the Samsung Galaxy P2 Max official specs, release date, price, design update, and additional information. If you want to buy this phone, please read this article carefully. By utilizing this information, you’ll be able to purchase this phone. You could also examine this information regarding the brand-new features of Samsung smartphones. So what are the Galaxy P2 Max’s features?

Samsung Galaxy P2 Max 5G 2024 Release Date

Samsung will inform the public about the upcoming phone release date officially. At the same time, they go through an out-of-business sequence for the new Samsung P2 Max smartphone. However, Samsung did not formally announce the release date. This may take place in 2024. Once they announce the smartphone release date, we’ll update our website accordingly. So, keep checking our site, and keep following us.

Samsung Galaxy P2 Max Full Specification

In this new generation, everyone wants to take selfies. When anyone buys a mobile phone, their first consideration is the camera system. Particularly, the selfie camera has become very popular and attracts everyone’s attention. Therefore, it’s great news for every selfie fan.

The Samsung Galaxy P2 Max phone has a four-camera accessory. It provides the 200-megapixel, 64-megapixel, 32-megapixel, and 8-megapixel encouraged face acknowledgment, the front camera is 64 megapixels. And it’s perfect for high-quality selfies and video talks, and everyone will enjoy the experience. Samsung P2 Max has Black, White, and Red colors. In addition, connectivity includes GPRS, Bluetooth, FM-Radio, Micro USD 2.0, long talk time, Wi-Fi, Calculator, Blacklist, Spead Dial, Audio Jack, and also more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long will the battery last?

Every feature of this phone is great. When you first learn about the phone’s large battery life, we generally talk about the battery capacity, supplying 8000 mAh. Everyone desires a phone with a large battery life, so you can save the remainder of the day by charging it once.

Display Type:

This phone is the best display device available because it is new. On this telephone, they set the Samsung Super AMOLED 4K-resolution display, which updates the display.

What is the Display size?

Samsung Galaxy P2 Max Display is 6.8 inches. Everybody has a case of this display, so it can receive beneficial reviews.

Are you wondering if this phone supports fast charging?

Yes. This phone has a 65W fast charging system. You can quickly recharge it quickly. In addition, you can charge it once, and you can utilize it for 3 days by using video games, online chatting, video calls, and more.

What is the Android version of this phone?

Galaxy P2 Max is a very useful Android phone. Its Android version is 14 and it is very helpful for Android lovers.

How much storage have on this phone?

Samsung’s Galaxy P2 Max has three storage options, including 10 GB, 12 GB, and 16 GB of RAM. Internal storage is 128 GB, 256GB, and 512 GB. You can use external storage up to 1TB.

Is there a fingerprint lock & face lock on this phone?

Samsung company is changing the security of their phones every single day. Currently, the pattern lock and PIN lock have been backdated, so now a phone that has a fingerprint sensor and a face recognition system. Galaxy P2 Max also has these features.

You can lock your phone by finger scanning, the phone will not unlock without your finger. Furthermore, you can lock your phone initially by entering your current face picture, once you screen yourself to the phone this time your phone will be locked.

Samsung Galaxy P2 Max Price

Samsung always helps handle the cost of a new gadget by depending on customer finances. Because the phone’s cost primarily depends upon a patient’s budget, it frequently sells well when Samsung reveals its new price. Samsung did not announce any official price for this phone. However, here we provide the estimated price of this phone. The approximate Samsung Galaxy P2 Max price will be $899.

Based on different countries prices are given below:

Samsung Galaxy P2 Max price in USA$899
Samsung Galaxy P2 Max price in India71,894 Indian Rupee
Galaxy P2 Max price in Australia1,315 Australian Dollar
Galaxy P2 Max price in Canada1,166 Canadian Dollar
Galaxy P2 Max price in UK751 Pound sterling
Galaxy P2 Max price in German886 Germany Euro

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So, what are you thinking about the Samsung Galaxy P2 Max 5G 2024? Feel free to ask any questions you have about this phone’s specs, price, and release news below. We’ll be glad to answer you as soon as we can.

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