Samsung Galaxy Safari 5G 2024 Specs, Price, and Release Date!

We’re going to talk about the “Samsung Galaxy Safari 5G 2024” a new Samsung mobile phone that is scheduled to be released in 2024. Samsung is one of the most well-known and successful mobile phone companies in the world, as anyone with a Samsung phone knows.

Samsung Galaxy Safari

Samsung releases numerous conventional, mid-range, and affordable high-performance phones every year. This attracts the attention of Samsung customers who are eager for the arrival of Samsung’s new Smartphone. As a result of that, we’re discussing Samsung’s upcoming launch of the “Samsung Galaxy Safari 5G 2024.”

Samsung’s forthcoming Samsung Safari will feature the version number, specifications, release date, price tag, and basic functions of all its various models. In the following sections, you will take a look at the Samsung Galaxy Safari’s full specifications, release date, price, basic function, and FAQ. Enjoy the rest of the article.

Samsung Galaxy Safari Specs

Even though Samsung’s Galaxy is powerful, it strikes most of the targets you’ve had your whole life. Consider the information relating to this record.


According to rumors, the phone manufactured by Samsung would be more convenient to hold due to its robust and slender shell. Its reflective surface could lead you toward feeling supremely confident with your hand in it directly. The phone would have the buttons situated in a way that is easy for you to press. The Galaxy new phone will be available in Aurora Black, Blue, and Silver colors, with Nano Sim support. You’ll also be able to use the stylus pen quickly.


It is expected to have 6.89 inches (15.75 cm) of 21 9, 3200 x 840 Super AMOLED displays and a large screen. The display uses high-brightness technology to ensure a comfortable viewing experience no matter whether the weather is sunny or cloudy. On calls in special regions, conversing over the phone will be clear.


Samsung’s new camera will make your memories even more stunning. It will have an incredible resolution of 200MP, 64MP, 32MP, and 8MP. The 20MP sensor will be the connection point for a great selfie camera. Your videos will have a high-quality resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

Galaxy Safari has a camera with a rapid camera launcher. If the screen is off, double-press the volume down button to start or lock the camera. The quad back camera will assist you in taking your priceless shot.


Galaxy Safari will maintain the phone running on Android 14 OS with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chipset for a smooth-running phone. The updated Samsung flagship makes use of this chipset like the Samsung Galaxy King.


On the Galaxy Safari, the battery comes with a big non-removable Lithium-ion 8000mAh battery. Skipping video games or exploring the World Wide Web requires a large battery if you want to be effective at whatever you’re doing. The smartphone is great for teens, as it helps to keep them going for hours and charges quickly.


We’re also aware of your concern about RAM and ROM. Although it is not a hundred percent correct, it is absolutely expected that RAM and ROM will be as strong as ever, allowing you to store important documents such as photos, video recordings, apps, and video game features. The Galaxy will be out with a large 12/16GB of RAM and 256GB/512GB of ROM with the ability to extend the storage up to 1TB through a microSD card.


This phone supports multiple network types and technologies. You can use a dual-SIM card to connect to another network. GPRS and EDGE technologies are also supported.

Connectivity and others

The Samsung Safari will have a bunch of new features including Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC, and more. It will also come with all the previous security features that the other Samsung phones had, such as fingerprint protection (rear-mounted), Gyro, Accelerometer, Proximity, Compass, and more.

Alarm: This information was gathered from outside sources. However, we are the first website to confirm it. We will keep you updated as soon as Samsung confirms this information. Galaxy Safari Product Functions

Next Model: Samsung Galaxy Safari Max

Samsung Galaxy Safari Price

We don’t think the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Safari Price will break our limit. Do you think so? We certainly do not think so. That is among Galaxy Safari’s biggest competitors; it is a known secret and a challenge for them to conquer the market. Let’s watch what happens.

Based on different countries prices are given below:

Samsung Galaxy Safari price in USA$999
Samsung Galaxy Safari price in India79,790 Indian Rupee
Samsung Galaxy Safari price in Australia1,480 Australian Dollar
Samsung Galaxy Safari price in Canada1,308 Canadian Dollar
Samsung Galaxy Safari price in UK843 Pound sterling
Samsung Galaxy Safari price in German995 Germany Euro

Samsung Galaxy Safari Release Date

Galaxy Safari will be launched in the global market in late 2024, which is a surprise for mobile phone fans. The unrevealed date for the release has not yet been announced, though it is expected to happen in late November 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Q: What will be the Release Date for the Samsung Safari?
Ans: Probably the last months or the New Year but not the exact date it is.

Q: How much does the Samsung Galaxy Safari price in the USA?
Ans: $950 to $999.

Q: Is the Samsung Galaxy Safari out yet?
Ans: upcoming, still not available in the market.

Q: Is there a new Samsung Safari out coming recently in the market?
An: Samsung Safari is knocking on the door.

Q: Does the Samsung Galaxy Safari Have 5G?
Ans: Yes.


Samsung has a strong reputation, so we are excited to see what they are planning to show us. Samsung has resolved several issues that its users have identified through testing their smartphones and focused on features designed to make phone usage easier and more streamlined. Samsung is looking forward to re-testing its phone ahead of its release to be certain that it passes all of the tests. As soon as the mobile features are announced, we will update this article. Keep an eye out for Samsung Galaxy Safari 5G 2024 Full Specs, Price, and Release Date updates. Thank you so much.

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