How To Recover Deleted Files On Mac?

Have you misplaced any crucial Mac files? If that is the case, rebuilding them out of a backup is probably not something you want to deal with. Instead, we can use Greener – Mac Recovery Tool to assist you in recovering deleted things from your Mac. This tool is very simple to use and will quickly locate all of your deleted data.

How To Recover Deleted Files On Mac

What Can Actually Cause A Data Loss?

  • Accidental Deletion
  • Hardware Failure
  • Software Corruption (malware)
  • Virus Attack
  • Human Error

What Are The Ways To Recover Deleted Files On Mac?

On a Mac, erased files can be recovered using a variety of methods. You might have lost data as a result of file deletion if your computer was compromised by a virus or other harmful software, with no need to be concerned, though, if you are certain that every file was accidentally deleted and was not erased on purpose.

Some data recovery applications are only compatible with Windows systems; they cannot aid with the recovery of images and videos from Pc and Macs like iMacs and Macs. However, there is application software online that may repair corrupted files to their original condition without erasing any content or size data as a result of malware or virus attacks, etc.

Using Terminal

The terminal is the best option if you’re seeking a program to rescue lost files on a Mac.

The Terminal program is a Linux (CLI) that enables users to conduct numerous activities and gain access to their computer’s file system. This post will demonstrate how to encrypt files on the Mac using Terminal. You can also go for Mac VPNs because they will also prove beneficial in this situation. Because Mac VPN boosts your online privacy not only when you’re doing online transactions but also when some fraudulent Websites are trying to hack your Mac.

That is the reason you should also consider for Mac VPN to avoid any intentionally deleted files by hackers on your Mac. Because once they access your Mac, they can install or delete anything without your knowledge.

Restoring Data From Time Machine Backup

Your data can be restored from a Space Ship store.

  • You can use the settings on a Time Machine secondary repository, such as a hard drive or other linked external device, to reach the contents that are saved there.
  • The methods below should be followed if you want to restore some of their files from a different place (such as iCloud) rather than from a linked external drive that is configured as a SpaceShip backup:

Using Cleaner – Mac Data Recovery Software

Using the effective program Smoother – Mac Lost Data, you can reclaim your deleted files. Users may easily locate and retrieve their misplaced data with the help of this user-friendly software.

Qualities Of A Cleaner

  • You can examine photographs and documents prior to recovery, scan for folders, find and delete duplicates, and so more.
  • After sensitive data is successfully recovered with Cleaner – Mac Back Up Technology’s free trial edition, you can use its safe data shredder option to permanently erase it from a drive or disc (registration required).

Subsection: How To Use Cleaner – Mac Data Recovery Software

I’m certain that you want to get your data back as quickly as possible if you’ve lost them. The real kicker is that there are a number of options available to accomplish this. Using Mac backup data, which can be used for non-core files from hard drives, USB devices, and compute nodes on Mac OS X 12.5 or later versions, is one of the most efficient approaches.

Let’s examine the operation of the Greener – Mac Feature.

  • This program can be downloaded and installed on OS X 10.11 Os X (10.12 Sierra), Safari, Wild Animal, Lion Server, Snow Leopard, and Tiger Leopard computers (10).

Select a Deleted Location & Click ‘Scan’

  • If you’re looking for a certain file, the program will locate all documents and display them in a list so that you can quickly see them and determine whether any of them are crucial and should also be retrieved.
  • Check the squares next to each item within that selection of data structures that were previously maintained on this different platform after clicking the “Restore” button in the window’s bottom right corner to decide if you really want to recover completely or just certain items (or even folder).
  • You can also check the trash folder to find your deleted files or by using undo commands on Mac.

Keep in mind that all recovered data will be stored in their original state that is, in the format that they had before being lost.


Thankfully, there are numerous methods for recovering lost files on Mac. You can rely on specialized data recovery tools or use the software applications indicated above. The most crucial thing is to persevere! It will be great if this occurs when your device is functioning normally again; after then, you can save all potentially relevant documents once more. Your hard drive might contain some useful insights that you get at a moment’s notice.

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