How To Fix Blue Archive Not Available on Play Store

Nexon has officially announced the release of Blue Archive as a military RPG for both Android and iOS platforms in 2021. Although Nexon’s official website has an official guide for installing the game straight from the Google Play Store, some Android users are still unable to do so. Numerous new reports now state that the Blue Archive Not Available on Play Store, which is very frustrating and unexpected for the exact same reason. Now, if you find yourself facing the same issue, do not shrug them off, because we have shared with you several solutions.

There may be scenarios where Android users want to install any application games, but they may not locate that specific application or, somehow, the app indicates it’s unavailable in their country. One annoyance is that due to geo-restricted limitations to the device or geographic issues with the device’s place settings, you may feel sad. Despite these difficulties, there are some different ways always on the Android platform which can be considered a good thing.

How To Fix Blue Archive Not Available on Play Store

How To Fix Blue Archive Not Available on Play Store

If you have an Android device and are using the Google Play Store, but can’t find the Blue Archive app, there’s a good chance that you’re not alone. The app has been unavailable for months on the Play Store, and there doesn’t seem to be an indication of when or if it will be available again.

The Blue Archive app is particularly useful for Android users who want to securely store their personal data.

Create a secondary Google account, and use a VPN service to move your new account to the USA region. Once the secondary Google account is moved to the US Play Store server, your account will be locked in for one year. Using a secondary Google account is beneficial. Otherwise, you may lose your primary Google account, your subscriptions, payment methods, family sharing benefits, and more.

1. Create a Secondary Google Account

First, you need to make a secondary Google account on your phone. (DO NOT USE VPN). You must make your primary Google account in place. To do so:

• Select Settings on your device, then click Accounts. Some devices offer the Google option directly.
• Tap on the Google list. Select your current email address.
• Now, you should choose to add another account.
• From the bottom-left corner, tap on ‘Create account’ > Follow the on-screen instructions properly. [Make sure to remember account credentials]
• Finally, the secondary Google account will be created, and automatically added to the Google Play Store application.

2. Use a Free VPN service

• Once you’ve created another Google account, it’s time to use a VPN service.
• So, install any of the free VPN apps from the Google Play Store, and open it.
• Now, make sure to connect the VPN server to a United States server.
• Once the VPN is connected, you can head over to the next method.

3. Change Location on Google Play Store

• Make sure that you open up the Google Play Store app.
• Now, tap the hamburger icon at the top right corner (the profile icon).
• Tap on Settings > Go to General > Select Account and device preferences.
• Go to Country and profiles > Tap on the United States (US) country to add an account.
• Follow the on-screen directions to add a payment method for that country. You may choose to use a credit or debit card by clicking on Continue.
• Your profile page may take up to 48 hours to update your information. So, confirm again after 48 hours via the  Account section to ensure your information has moved to the new position.
•If Android displays Switch to India Your Location Store, that means your account has been successfully transferred.
• Now you can go to the secondary Google account on the Play Store to install many geo-restricted or unavailable games directly on the device.

Note: Once you’ve switched to the US region and disconnected your VPN service, note that you no longer need to use the VPN to install apps on the Google Play Store. Just open the Play Store app, tap on the hamburger menu icon (profile icon), then click on the email address and select the second email address.

• You’re good to go. Just search for Blue Archive on the Play Store after changing the account id and tap on Install to proceed.

4. Use Alternative APK Platforms

There are several third-party Android app stores, such as Mega, APKMirror, Evozi, Apptoide, and others, from which you could download the most recent APK file on your device. Therefore, even if you can’t get an app directly from the Google Play store, you could use one of these apps to download and install the app. However, we strongly advise you against using any unknown or untrustworthy APK file download site. Be sure to always use trusted and recommended downloads.

After you’ve already downloaded the Blue Archive game file (APK) on your hard drive, make sure to find a file manager and choose the file. Then, click on that APK file and follow the on-screen instructions to allow it to be installed.  You may need to momentarily enable permissions for outside content (if requested). Next, tap the Install icon for the game to be installed. Finally, tap Blue Archive from the list or home screen and hit Install.

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People also ask

Q: Is Blue Archive available on Android?
A: Yes, Blue Archive is available on Android.

Q: Where can I download Blue Archive?
A: Blue Archive is a website that archives websites for posterity. It is a great resource for researchers and historians who want to study the history of the internet. You can download Blue Archive by visiting their website and clicking on the “Download” button.

Q: Is Blue Archive available?
A: Yes, Blue Archive is available. It is a cloud-based solution that allows you to store and share your data securely.

Q: Is Blue Archive Yostar?
A: No, Blue Archive is not Yostar. Blue Archive is a company that provides archival and records management services. Yostar is a mobile game developer and publisher.

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