Evil Dead The Game- All Demons, Skills, And Stats

In this guide, we will show you Evil Dead The Game – All Demons, Skills, And Stats. Evil Dead: The Game pits players against hordes of demons in a fast-paced, action-packed game. With over 30 skills to choose from and over 60 stats to allocate, players will have plenty of room to customize their character to fit their playstyle. Evil Dead the game stats: The Game is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Evil Dead The Game- All Demons, Skills, And Stats

Evil Dead The Game character stats has garnered a tremendous amount of attention recently with its captivating gameplay and emotionally touching scenes. On the flip side, this game is brimming with outstanding features. The distribution network of Evil Dead The Game has been doing very well since it incorporates stories that are touching visually. The game is highly popular, but it has other benefits besides just being fun to watch.

In the growing asymmetrical multiplayer horror genre, Evil Dead The Return of Heroes will be the next step forward. Four players may fight against a human or AI-controlled demon as any of the survivors from Evil Dead. Each survivor has a special ability, and there are four different survivors to choose from.

Evil Dead The Game- All Demons, Skills, And Stats

Here are a few Evil Dead The Game- All Demons, Skills, And Stats. Therefore, read the guide all the way through.

#1. Hunters


Surviving survivors classes are hunters. Every other class in the match does less damage and has more ammo than this class. Players can pick between four distinct characters. So, here we will have a look at all of the four unique characters.

Ed Getley

Ultimate Attack: A flashlight with this function will detect and disarm trap-related activity.
The Collector: Increases the chance of an object being dropped after defeating an enemy.
Weapon Master: With this crossbow bolt attached, the crossbow will have an increased chance of a higher damage stat.
Enduring Master: This flashlight is more durable.

Kelly Maxwell

Ultimate Attack: When the ability is activated, the user becomes more powerful. However, they will suffer from bleeding damage while still having to dodge attacks.
Battle Frenzy: When you are in combat, your damage increases by lingering.
Weapon Master: Your stats will increase if you use the meat hammer. If you use the meat hammer, your stats will increase.
Contrashot: The enemy’s ranged shot causes bleeding damage.

Ash Williams

Ultimate Attack: The demon of the possessed is exorcised by this ability.
Treasure Hunter: Shoot down crates from close range by bouncing off walls.
Weapon Master: The double-barrel is a popular weapon due to its strength.
I’m the Guy: Fire your first shot with a double-barrel.

Amanda Fisher

Ultimate Attack: Amanda Fisher is a merciless and unstoppable force.
Accuracy Counts: Ranged weapons do more damage with additional consecutive hits.
Trusty Sidearm: Starting out with a pistol is like having a head start.
Weapon Master: Pistols are better weapons because they can do more damage and fire faster.

#2. Supports

Heroes are best served by ensuring that they can avoid adversaries. So if you’d like to learn more, come and explore with us!

Ash Williams

Ultimate Attack: Instant messaging can help reduce your team members’ fear.
Alternative Healing: Delivers regenerative effects per hit.
Marked Target:  When a teammate has been hit in the head with a bullet, it will take more damage if another bullet hits the same spot.
Marked Healing: When you attack a target that has been marked, you will get healed.

Pablo Simon Bolivar

Ultimate Attack: A magical amulet is created when this skill completes.
Infernal Camouflage: Demon vision fails to reveal Pablo’s whereabouts.
Shamanic Protection: The shield slowly returns to normal.
Legacy of El Brujo: Offers an additional amulet at the beginning of the match.

Cheryl Williams

Ultimate Attack: Allies will be healed.
Contact Healing: You will heal yourself along with your teammates.
Cola Coaster: Make sure she carries more cola and that she starts the game with an extra supply of cola.

#3. Leaders

Paralyzed persons can generally invoke the auras of superior leaders to assist them, making them wonderful support characters. Additionally, their resistance to fear is innate. To learn more about this aspect, let’s delve deeper into it.

Ash Williams

Ultimate Attack: Creates a powerful explosion.
El Jefe: Increases damage done by enemies and resists fear.
Old Friend: Uses a chainsaw to start the match.
El Jefe Grande: When you finish your move, you feel fantastic. You look great, but more than that, you feel refreshed. Move aura effects are increased.

Lord Arthur

Ultimate Attack: Allies receive extra damage when they are in melee combat. When Arthur uses his sword, he does more damage.
Weapon Master Heavy: Attacks with heavyweight cause more damage.
Weapon Master Light: Attacks with lightweight hurt more.
Finish with Fire: Players who complete the task grant nearby teammates the Lord’s Wraith ability.

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Annie Knowby

Ultimate Attack: Annie is an excellent ranged damage dealer. Annie and her nearby allies will deal more ranged damage.
Howitzer: Enhances ranged damage with an aura.
Haymaker: Increases damage to balance bars of enemies.
Slugger: Damage dealt with elite enemies by this aura is increased.

#4. Warriors

None is better or more widely accustomed to combating monsters than a warrior. By utilizing these heroes, you will defeat the demon horde. Learn more about Warrior in the subsequent sections.

Ash Williams

Ultimate Attack: Protects against all attacks and increases damage. With this spell, you can face any opponent with confidence.
Bloodsucker: Damage from combo endings restores health.
Shield Blast: A shield explosion occurs each time it is lost.
Weapon Master: Chainsaw statistics have increased.

Henry the Red

Ultimate Attack: Henry is unstoppable with his ability.
Rebound: If an enemy hits you with a sword, you can absorb some of the blow with your shield.
Battle Hardened: Shield strength goes up.
Shields Up: The shield bar protects the match from any attacks.


Ultimate Attack: Deals damage to all enemies in the vicinity.
Collateral Damage: Using powerful melee attacks to deal damage to nearby enemies.
Exposure Therapy: The fear of a monster’s presence is reduced with every enemy slain.
Weapon Master: Locked weapons are now more powerful.

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Here’s Evil Dead The Game- All Demons, Skills, And Stats. We’re happy if you found this Five Minute Briefing helpful, you can ask any questions about the demons, skills, and stats in Evil Dead The Game.

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