Cat S66- Enhance your Smartphone Experience

Have you ever met an Android device with balanced features and an improved user experience? If not, it’s time to check the latest Cat S66 smartphone. Cat S66 can surely take a notable place in the competitive Android world with its pricing and specs.

Cat S66

First, this device isn’t overweight, comfortable to carry, and has a good outlook. Secondly, Cat S66 is a big energy store for backing you up throughout the day. Most importantly, its display and network connectivity are out of any conventional smartphone issues.

Its SD processor and high-end GPU are worth the pricing. When talking about security, its rapid fingerprint scanner will remind you of the velocity of light. You’ll be glad to hear that all of its sensors are reliable, easy to use, and fruitful in daily activities. See also the CatPhone S70.

Cat S66 specs

Cat S66 is a true “value for money” smartphone compared to its advanced features. Before we talked about the Cat S65.  Now let’s check out the Cat S66 review and overall impression of this device.


The first thing you’ll love about this device is its overall design. From camera position to display edges- everything is fascinating. In the upper part, an earpiece is placed. Similarly, a mouthpiece is placed at the lower part of the front. The rear side contains a dual camera setup and a bright flashlight.

There is a front camera to enhance your selfie experience. By the way, people have a common question- does Cat S66 have a headphone jack? Yes, it comes with a 3.55 mm audio jack. That’s why you’ll never have trouble using earphones and listening to audio in crowded places.


Cat s66 smartphone is a 248g weighing device with the perfect center of gravity. It comes in a 158.5 x 76.7 x 11.9 mm dimension, a convenient smartphone size. As it has a glossy black-colored finish, it gives a great impression at first sight.

The rear part of this device is made of plastic material. That’s why sudden falling isn’t a major issue for this device.

Its display is protected with corning gorilla glass six protection. That means the main display will barely face the cracking issue.

The device is IP68 rated and protects it from dust or water drops. Cat S66 is dust/water resistant up to 1.5m for 35 mins. Also, it’s Drop-to-concrete resistant from up to 1.8m.


This device has a capacitive touchscreen display with an IPS panel. The IPS LCD panel contains 16M color to show you more vivid pictures. Its display has a 120Hz refresh rate for smoother and faster touch response.

The display size is 5.7″ only. So, you may feel primarily uncomfortable watching videos with this display. With its 1080 x 2160 Pixels display, watching content is extra fun. You can barely find scratches on display even after heavy use.

Cat S66 battery

Cat S66 comes with a non-removable battery of 6500 mAh. Great optimization and an operating system are a big plus for this device to run this battery to the fullest potential. Around 6-7 hours of battery backup can be found in this device.

The backup time may decrease depending on a heavy activity like gaming. For recharging this Li-ion battery, fast charge four technology is featured here. Therefore, wait for a while, recharge the battery, and cheer.


It has a dual camera setup with FLIR Thermal and LED Flash features. The megapixel of this camera is only 12 MP. But, it has good optimization with its processor. You’ll get excellent macro shots as well as wide-angle shots using this device.

Thermal Imaging and Heat Palette features make your camera experience more improved. It has a single 8MP camera to take selfie photos or videos. Cat S66’s camera is great for video shots. It can capture 1080P videos at 30 fps.


Cat s66 runs on Android version 14. Android 14 is more convenient to use and more improved with the latest security status. With huge customization facilities and dark mode, this platform is superb. Android 14 is also highly helpful for gamers and new software lovers.


Cat S66 is blessed with a high-end loudspeaker. Along with its radio feature, Music, Alert MP3, Ringtones, Vibration, and Polyphonic are also present here.

Type C cable can be used here to transfer any MP3 files easily. The sound output comes with less noise. Also, its controlling feature is fast and accurate.

Front back

The front and back both have a sturdy build of high-end materials. Plastic material with heat protection capability is used on the rear side of this device.

The front part is protected with corning gorilla glass 6. That means minor scratches won’t be a problem for the display. Its side part is designed with an aluminum frame to prevent bending.


Qualcomm SDM660 Snapdragon 660 processor is used in this device. It’s a 14nm processor, which means slower performance with many negative issues.

The fun part is this processor can operate this device fluently with the help of Adreno 516 GPU. No lagging, “ghost touch” issue, or something unexpected can be observed here.

Storage capacity

This device has an internal memory of 128 GB space. You can easily extend the storage by inserting an extra memory card of up to 1TB. The device has a dedicated micro SD slot. Therefore, you won’t need to remove the SIM before inserting the SD card.

For storing cache memory, it has 6GB of RAM. Like other smartphones, its RAM isn’t expandable.


From 2G to 4G – all network bands are established in this device. Its 2G band runs on GSM 850-1900 MHz. For this reason, a vast area of network coverage is captured by this device.

Even in dense places, it’ll allow you to contact them via call. The 3G and 4G services are also satisfactory under strong network access.

Key features

  • This device comes with GPS and OTG support. As it has HTML 5, the browsing experience will be outstanding.
  • The accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity, and compass sensors are more accurate than in previous models.
  • There are SMS, MMS, Email, and IM services for advanced messaging.
  • Bluetooth 5.1 is used here to transfer files more efficiently.
  • For your device security, a fingerprint sensor is attached to the rear part of this device. It’s accurate, fast, and barely malfunctions.

Next model:

Cat S66 release date

The release date of Cat S66 isn’t fixed yet. Hopefully, it’ll be available in November-December 2024. The manufacturer is taking some extra time to make this device a dealbreaker.

Cat S66 price

In the European region, its price will be around 300 EUR. The Cat S64 model is available at 425 EUR. In comparison to features, Cat S66 will be worth the money. The approximate pricing is $500 for global customers based on the overall features.

Who and why should I buy it?

Cat s66 isn’t a dedicated gaming or professional videography device. This device is good for moderate gaming, regular photo shots, and videography. With no heavy gaming and browsing addiction, young people can easily cope with this device.

Except for the dedicated gaming generation, this device is a great item for people from any era. From office goers to business handlers- everyone should get this device. Its amazing charge backup, durable build, and mind-blowing operating system won’t frustrate you.

Cat S66 FAQs

Here you know a few questions related to the Cat S66 device.

When will Cat S66 be released?

The Cat S66 release date isn’t been officially announced yet. The manufacturer company is trying to improve every segment by following the engineering unit’s review. It’s expected that the last month of 2024 will be the golden moment of its release.

Which is the chipset?

Cat S66 has a powerful SD chipset. Qualcomm SDM660 Snapdragon 660 processor is used here. Though it’s a 14nm processor, this can cope with Android 14 OS easily. The device won’t heat extremely, the user experience will be enchanting with this processor.

Which country and company manufactured it?

Bullitt Mobile Ltd, a U.S.A. company, is the manufacturer of the Cat S66 model. They not only manufacture but also design and distribute this device all over the world. This company has an exclusive license from Caterpillar Inc. They also perform assembling in their assembly factory.

Which type of display panel is used in it?

An LCD panel with corning gorilla glass six protection is used in the Cat S66 device. Watching videos with proper coloring is a big plus of this device. The display has 16M colors to present the pictures in vivid form. You can barely put scratches on the display, and it won’t show you the “display burn” issue easily.

Is the cat S66 indestructible?

Cat S66 isn’t indestructible. Despite its sturdy build, it can be damaged by excessive sunlight or heat. Also, it can’t tolerate infinite pressure or the presence of water. The sturdy build quality with premium material will offer you the best support until you try to damage it intentionally.

Is cat S66 5G capable?

No, the 5G network band is absent in this device. Most countries have 2G to 4G network area coverage. This device is a great tool for communicating under a 2G network. If you get a proper network, its 3G and 4G network are also amazing.

Does the cat S66 have the push to talk?

The Push To Talk feature is the universal feature of the Cat Android phone of the S series. This Push To Talk (PTT) technology comes with in-built conditions, improving your smartphone experience. You can find the Zello PTT Walkie-Talkie in the App toolbox segment of this device.


The overall impression of Cat S66 is more attractive than its first impression. When you use it for days, you’ll get addicted to this device. No lagging or hanging issue, no frame drop issue in moderate gaming. If anything could be upsetting for you, it’s the expected pricing.

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