Nokia Knight 5G 2024 Release Date, Specs & Price!

Nokia Knight 5G 2024 is slated for release, boasting 12GB of memory, a 7,000mAh battery, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 5G processor, and an even more impressive set of features. Dear mobile phone and gadget aficionado, we’ve got an important present for you, to give you some news and good news. HMD, a global home branding, and life science company, is trying to market its latest smartphone model. And Nokia Knight 5G is just one of them.

Nokia Knight

So, if you are hoping to purchase a new Nokia smartphone. Then associating with it exclusively will be a perfect option. The Nokia manufacturer, now working on its manufacturing, has established a very good reputation around the world as one of the top brands of this kind.
Are you interested in reading more about the Nokia Knight 20244 Full Specs, Release Date & Price? Then you can have a look at this article very carefully.

What’s new with the Nokia Knight?

The Nokia Knight is the latest phone in the Nokia lineup. It comes equipped with 5G technology, which allows for faster download speeds and a better overall user experience. The phone also has a sleek design and a large screen that makes it perfect for watching videos or playing games. Additionally, the Nokia Knight is water-resistant, making it a great choice for people who like to stay active.

Nokia Knight 2024 Specs

Now our spotlight turns to a new smartphone, Nokia Knight Specs. It seems this smartphone sports an awesome design and impressive performance capabilities.


The new Nokia flagship will feature a large display. The Nokia Phone Knight features a tall OLED screen that is 6.9 inches wide and has a 4K resolution. Also, the front and back panels are covered with thick, Gorilla-glass 7-quality glass. Also like Nokia N73 Pro.


The Nokia Knight 2024 has a quad 108MP / 32MP / 16MP / 8MP rear camera setup. In addition, it has a 64-megapixel selfie camera for selfies and video chat.


It will include a basic metal frame, and ensure that glass is becoming the front. Before now, we don’t know anything about the colors of this console will be available, but we expect this device to bring in four colors.


The options available on the next phone include Fingerprint, Face ID sensor, infrared, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetic sensor, and heading sensor.


The Nokia phone will come in several storage choices and ROM settings. It has 10/12GB of RAM, and 256/512GB of onboard storage space, right? You can also use SD cards in a single terabyte of storage space. The powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 5G Platform is frequently used inside the phone.


The additional battery life of the Nokia Knight 2024, thanks to its notable 8000-mAh battery, has an especially impressive design, offering up to 65 charges and capable of keeping up with distinctive 4.0 quick charging. Therefore, there isn’t any need for buying or worrying about wireless charging. The Nokia new phone ultra-high-definition 5G will be finished charging in no time.

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Nokia Knight Release Date

Unofficially, the expected release date of the Nokia Knight smartphone is December 2024. So if you’re thinking about buying this smartphone, you’ll need to make sure to wait until then. The news you heard is wrong. The release date may change, so wait for an official confirmation, or subscribe to updates to stay abreast of the news. Check also the Nokia Knight Pro Release Date.

Nokia Knight 2024 Price

Nokia did not confirm the official cost of this phone, but we possess an estimation. Some mobile pundits state that this phone will probably be available at an inexpensive price. The Nokia Knight Price is going to be $399.

Based on different countries prices are given below:

Nokia Knight 5G 2024 price in USA$399
Nokia Knight price in India30,966 Indian Rupee
Nokia Knight price in Australia556 Australian Dollar
Nokia Knight price in Canada505 Canadian Dollar
Nokia Knight price in UK319 Pound sterling
Nokia Knight price in German374 Germany Euro


Nokia Knight 5G 2024 is a great device for anyone looking for an affordable smartphone with a lot of features. It has a large display, 12GB of RAM, and a long-lasting battery. The Knight also comes with several pre-installed apps and games, making it a great choice for people who like to stay entertained. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly alternative to the latest high-end smartphones, the Nokia Knight is worth considering.

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