What Are the Most Frequent Mobile Phone Breakdowns and How to Avoid Them?

Nowadays, it is rare to meet someone who has not had an accident with their cell phone and had to take it to repair service. This type of device is part of our life and we use it for everything. Therefore, even if we are extremely careful with it, it is relatively common for it to fall out of our hands or for some liquid to spill on it.

What Are the Most Frequent Mobile Phone Breakdowns and How to Avoid Them

In the case of suffering a mishap with your cell phone, the best thing to do is to go to a phone repair company to get it fixed as soon as possible. But what are the most frequent breakdowns that these devices usually suffer? We review below the most common accidents and their solutions.

Most frequent mobile phone breakdowns

Suffering from a smartphone accident makes our day-to-day life much more difficult since we use it for everything. Therefore, it is important to know what to do in these cases. These are the most frequent breakdowns and their main solutions:

Data overload

When we use the cell phone a lot, we can cause the device to work more slowly. This can cause apps to take a long time to open and basic actions such as looking at the calendar or making a call to take too long. This means that the phone has suffered a data overload.

The solution to this is to clear the application cache from time to time. It is also effective to clean up old files that are no longer needed, such as photos, videos, audio, or documents.

Still, the most effective option is to back up all important files and format the entire terminal at least once every six months. You can lose very important files such as documents, essays, or term papers that are stored on your phone. If this does happen, you can google “write essay for me online” and not worry. By restoring it to its factory state, its speed and performance will be much higher.

Broken screen

Broken screens are the most common accident when we have a cell phone. Especially, if we use to carry it in our hands most of the day. Falls and shocks are the main causes of this breakdown and, sometimes, this breakage allows us to continue using the cell phone. However, when the blow reaches the inside of the screen (the display), the problem will be more serious. Thus, it will be impossible to use our terminal.

To avoid this common problem, we have to try that our mobile has a case that cushions the blows. For example, a plastic or tempered glass screen protector, as well as an integral case that covers the device and protects it from bumps and falls.

Finally, it is important not to carry the cell phone in the back pockets. This area is where it is more susceptible to falling or breaking the screen when we sit on hard surfaces. It is best to carry them in bags and shoulder bags or, failing that, in the front pockets of clothing.

Wetting the device

Water is undoubtedly a cell phone’s worst enemy. In fact, nowadays, we find very few models of waterproof cell phones, and just a few drops of this liquid can be fatal for smartphones.

If this happens, you can resort, for example, to the famous trick of leaving the terminal for three days in rice. However, this only works in some cases. In most of them, when we wet the mobile, it stops working due to the moisture that the device accumulates inside.

The only way to avoid these accidents is to move the cell phone away from the water. In other words, try not to place the terminal near swimming pools, fountains, or sinks and avoid taking it to the bathroom.

Defective battery

Smartphones are not exactly known for their long battery life. In addition, it is very common that, as time goes by, the phone’s battery performs worse and worse.

It is estimated that the batteries of these terminals have a life of between two and three years, so it is advisable to change them when they reach that period of use.

Now you know the main problems that can occur with your phone and how you can avoid them. Be careful!

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