How to Survive Every Natural Disaster on Roblox

Natural Disaster Survival is a popular game on Roblox where players must survive various simulated natural disasters on different maps. To win, you need to outlast these disasters without losing your in-game life. The game is about fast decision-making, understanding each disaster’s mechanics, and using the environment to your advantage. 

How to Win in the Natural Disaster Survival Roblox Creation on

While you might be accessing this game via the platform, the gameplay strategies remain tied to the game itself. Survival in this game relies on adaptability, awareness, and a keen understanding of each disaster scenario. Let’s delve into some specific strategies to help improve your winning chances.

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How to Survive Every Natural Disaster on Roblox

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The game comprises 12 unique disasters and hazards. Here’s a snapshot of each one, alongside essential tips on how to endure each challenging scenario:

  1. Deadly Virus

The “Deadly Virus” disaster does exactly what it suggests: it randomly picks a player to become patient zero, who then starts exhibiting symptoms like coughing, sneezing, and producing purple virus orbs. Their health slowly depletes over time. The objective is to evade players carrying the virus, as the disease is transmittable through contact. This round turns into a strategic game of tag, with players attempting to infect one another.

A valuable survival tip is to keep your distance from other players even before the disaster is declared, particularly if it might be the deadly virus. Once the turmoil begins, seek a secluded hiding place that’s either hard to reach or elevated. If you become infected, you can mitigate health loss by consuming apples available for purchase in the game. These fruits replenish some of your health points and might aid you in surviving until the round ends.

  1. Earthquake

During an Earthquake round in Natural Disaster Survival, the stage quakes, buildings crumble, bricks are hurled all around, and players are jostled with every earth tremor. The chaos is often more unnerving than lethal – unless panic leads you into the path of falling debris or off high ledges.

The primary threat during these earthquakes is the ricocheting debris. These pieces are hurled into the air, and if they hit your character, they inflict damage and can even propel you into the air. If you’re near a body of water, you risk being thrown in and potentially drowning. Therefore, to survive the earthquake, your safest strategy is to locate a broad, flat surface and remain there. Needless to say, staying indoors is not advisable unless you wish to risk being hit by falling debris.

  1. Volcano

Upon the announcement of a Volcano disaster, a large volcano materializes on the water and begins hurling lethal, glowing lava bricks onto the stage. These bricks are deadly upon contact, leading to instant in-game death. Furthermore, they have the capacity to clip through most objects, which means you’re not safe anywhere, even inside buildings.

The most effective survival strategy for this disaster is to distance yourself as much as possible from the volcano, ideally by running to the farthest edge of the map. This will decrease the likelihood of being hit directly by magma bricks. Any that do manage to reach your location will likely roll slowly toward you, which can be avoided by simply moving out of their path.

  1. Acid Rain

Acid rain is a real-world occurrence, albeit usually with less destructive force. However, in Natural Disaster Survival, acid rain is notably potent, capable of dissolving any surface over time. Given its ability to eat through metal and other hard substances, it’s not hard to imagine what it can do to a Roblox character’s body – it gradually diminishes your health points.

While acid rain doesn’t instantly cause a fatality upon contact, it can be challenging to avoid, particularly if there are no adequate indoor areas on your current map. And even if you manage to find shelter indoors, the corrosive rain slowly gnaws at the walls and roof, eventually demolishing your safe haven.

  1. Sandstorm

Sandstorm is among the most hazardous disasters due to its unpredictable nature and visibility challenges. As soon as the Sandstorm is declared, your screen will be obstructed with a sandy visual effect, making it difficult to discern your surroundings. Once the disaster intensifies, bricks, walls, and other objects are catapulted around, instantly wiping out any players they hit. No structure is safe from a sandstorm, as even entire buildings can be torn away by the strong winds.

Survival in this disaster requires keen observation skills. Your first task is to identify the direction the debris is flying in. Once you’ve figured out the wind direction (from east to west, for instance), position yourself on the edge of the map where the wind originates. This tactic can shield you from incoming airborne hazards.

  1. Blizzard

The Blizzard disaster is quite similar to the Sandstorm, though with a different visual effect and a unique freezing wind aspect that deals constant damage to players who don’t find shelter. However, the winds in this disaster are relatively weaker and don’t cause as much structural damage compared to the Sandstorm. Yet, they’re still potent enough to pick up certain objects and hurl them toward you, leading to instant in-game death.

To survive the Blizzard, the strategy is relatively straightforward. Seek out a sturdy building or house and position yourself in a corner. This sheltered spot should protect you from snow, flying debris, and other airborne objects for the duration of the round.

  1. Tsunami

The Tsunami disaster is quite the spectacle! It’s particularly unsettling because you can observe a massive tidal wave gradually looming towards the island, spelling potential disaster for anyone who doesn’t manage to escape its path – in this context, by elevating themselves above the water level.

The tsunami sweeps through the island, obliterating everything in its path, including bricks and players. While this may give the impression of being inescapable, there are indeed ways to evade it. Players must ascend to a safe height, perhaps by scaling a building. Additionally, given the tsunami’s destructive power, players must be cautious not to fall from a great height if the building they’re on begins to crumble, as they could die from the resulting fall damage.

  1. Meteor Shower

The Meteor Shower disaster, as the name suggests, poses one of the most significant survival challenges, largely due to the difficulty of anticipating where the falling rocks will land before they crash to the ground and possibly eliminate you.

In this situation, rocks hurtle from the sky at alarming speeds, causing destruction wherever they land and often dislodging them from the game stage, potentially creating additional hazards from falling debris. Although the meteors appear to explode upon impact, implying they inflict area damage, these explosions are purely aesthetic and don’t cause actual damage. That said, it’s clear that if you’re directly struck by one of these falling rocks, it’s game over.

  1. Fire

In this event, a fire spontaneously ignites in a random section of the map, slowly extending to nearby tiles and engulfing every brick in its fiery and lethal grasp. However, if you understand the basics of fire propagation, which states that it can only spread to immediately adjacent bricks, you’ll realize the best way to evade this hazard is by maintaining a distance from it.

This disaster is often considered the easiest to survive, and it’s no surprise why. Simply positioning yourself on the farthest side from the fire’s origin point almost assures your survival through the round.

  1. Tornado

Soon after the initial warning, a plume of smoke materializes at a random location on the map, eventually assuming a funnel shape and meandering aimlessly. While it may not resemble a real-life tornado, be assured you should not approach this rotating smoke cloud. Doing so could result in a collision with flying debris or, worse, being whisked away by the powerful winds.
  1. Thunderstorm

The thunderstorm scenario in Natural Disaster Survival is characterized by flashes of lightning, rumbles of thunder, and a constant sense of awe and tension. During this event, players scramble around the stage, dodging around 40 lightning strikes. Lightning can utterly annihilate anything it touches, including the walls and roofs of structures you might be using as shelter.

To improve your survival chances, it’s advisable to remain at low elevations, as the probability of being struck by lightning increases with height. A direct lightning strike is instantly lethal, though a strike to an extremity may be survivable.

  1. Flash Flood

Lastly, we have another water-related disaster, this time in the form of gradually rising water levels that slowly swallow the entire stage, leading to a premature demise for anyone caught in the water. Fortunately, the rising water gradually depletes a player’s health rather than instantly ending their game, providing everyone some time to ascend to a higher location.

The optimal strategy for surviving this scenario involves positioning yourself atop a tall structure and hoping it withstands the encroaching waters. Even if the structure collapses, you can scramble onto floating debris to remain above the water and stay alive. Be cautious when scaling buildings and avoid ascending too high. If your building falls apart, the resulting fall damage could be lethal.


“Natural Disaster Survival” on Roblox, accessible through, offers an exciting and diverse gaming experience. With an array of disasters to survive, from deadly viruses to natural cataclysms, this game tests your agility, strategic thinking, and adaptability. Each disaster has its unique survival strategies, all requiring quick thinking and understanding of the game environment. 

So, whether you’re dodging meteors, finding shelter during a blizzard, or avoiding a rampaging tornado, the thrill of survival never wanes. Despite the challenge, with the right strategies and practice, you can increase your odds of surviving each disaster and make the most out of your gaming session.

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