Google Pixel Fold 3 Release Date, Price & Full Specs!

Welcome to the exciting world of the Google Pixel Fold 3, a marvel in the smartphone market that’s poised to redefine what we expect from mobile technology. As we edge closer to its launch, the buzz around this device is palpable, and for good reason.

The Pixel Fold 3 isn’t just another smartphone; it’s a testament to Google’s commitment to innovation, design, and user experience. With features that push the boundaries of what’s possible, this device stands out as a beacon of progress in the crowded smartphone arena. So, what makes the Google Pixel Fold 3 the talk of the town? Let’s unfold the details.

Google Pixel Fold 3

Google Pixel Fold 3 Full Specs

The Google Pixel Fold 3 is a powerhouse of technology packed into a sleek and sophisticated design. Below is a detailed specification table that covers everything from its display to its battery life:

Display6.8 Inches, Foldable OLED, 120Hz Refresh Rate
Battery7000mAh, Fast Charging, Wireless Charging
CameraRear: Triple 200MP + Ultra-Wide + Telephoto; Front: 64MP
PlatformAndroid 15
SoundStereo Speakers, Dolby Atmos
Design & BodyIn-display Fingerprint Sensor, Sleek Metal and Glass Design
ProcessorGoogle Tensor Chipset
Storage Capacity16/18GB RAM; 512GB/1TB ROM
Connectivity5G, Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.3, GPS
Release DateLast Q of 2024

Design & Body:

The Google Pixel Fold 3 is the epitome of elegance and innovation. Its design philosophy marries form with function, creating a device that’s not only beautiful but also incredibly durable. With a focus on a sleek form factor, the Pixel Fold 3 boasts a robust metal and glass construction that feels premium to the touch. The device’s unique folding mechanism is engineered for smoothness and longevity, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of daily use without compromising on aesthetics.


At the heart of the Google Pixel Fold 3’s design is its stunning 6.8-inch foldable OLED display. This screen is a true marvel, offering vivid colors, deep blacks, and an immersive viewing experience that’s second to none. With a 120Hz refresh rate, the display provides silky smooth scrolling and responsiveness, making every interaction a joy. Whether you’re watching videos, playing games, or just browsing the web, the Pixel Fold 3’s display brings content to life in a way that’s simply breathtaking.


Battery life is a cornerstone of the Google Pixel Fold 3’s appeal. Equipped with a massive 7000mAh battery, it’s designed to keep you going all day and then some. Fast charging capabilities mean you won’t be tethered to an outlet for long, and wireless charging support adds a layer of convenience that’s hard to overlook. Whether you’re a power user or someone who values longevity, the Pixel Fold 3 ensures that battery anxiety is a thing of the past.


The camera system on the Google Pixel Fold 3 is nothing short of revolutionary. With a triple rear camera setup led by a 200MP primary sensor, the device captures stunning, detail-rich photos with ease. The addition of ultra-wide and telephoto lenses adds versatility, allowing for creative shots in a variety of scenarios. The 64MP front-facing camera ensures that selfies and video calls are of the highest quality, making the Pixel Fold 3 a photographer’s dream.


Running on Android 15, the Google Pixel Fold 3 offers a clean, intuitive, and feature-rich user experience. Google’s commitment to software excellence is evident in every aspect of the device’s operation, from the seamless integration of Google services to the thoughtful implementation of user interface elements designed for the foldable form factor. With regular updates and a focus on security, the Pixel Fold 3 is as reliable as it is innovative.


The audio experience on the Google Pixel Fold 3 is immersive, thanks to its stereo speakers and support for Dolby Atmos. Whether you’re watching movies, playing games, or listening to music, the sound is rich, clear, and enveloping. The attention to audio detail complements the device’s visual prowess, creating a multimedia experience that’s truly engaging.

Front & Back Design:

The Google Pixel Fold 3’s design is as functional as it is beautiful. The in-display fingerprint sensor offers a seamless and secure way to unlock your device, while the sleek design ensures that it looks and feels modern. The careful placement of buttons and cameras maintains the device’s elegant lines, making the Pixel Fold 3 a standout in both form and function.


At the core of the Google Pixel Fold 3 is the Google Tensor chipset, a custom processor designed to deliver exceptional performance and efficiency. This chipset powers everything from advanced AI features to everyday tasks, ensuring that the Pixel Fold 3 operates smoothly, no matter the demand. The focus on AI also enhances photography, voice recognition, and security, making the Pixel Fold 3 smart in every sense of the word.

Storage Capacity:

With options for 16/18GB of RAM and either 512GB or 1TB of ROM, the Google Pixel Fold 3 offers ample storage and memory configurations to suit a variety of needs. Whether you’re a heavy multitasker, a gamer, or someone who stores lots of photos and videos, the Pixel Fold 3 has you covered. The lack of expandable storage is mitigated by the generous onboard options, ensuring that space is rarely a concern.

Network & Connectivity:

In terms of connectivity, the Google Pixel Fold 3 is future-proof. With support for 5G, Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.3, and GPS, the device ensures fast and reliable connections across a range of networks and devices. Whether you’re downloading large files, streaming high-definition content, or navigating complex environments, the Pixel Fold 3 keeps you connected and in control.

Google Pixel Fold 3 2024 Release Date

The release date of the Google Pixel Fold 3 is eagerly anticipated. While an official announcement has yet to be made, speculation and excitement continue to build. Stay tuned for updates as we approach the unveiling of what promises to be a game-changing device in the smartphone market.

However, the Pixel Fold 3 is expected to launch in late 2024 or early 2025. However, these release dates remain speculative until officially confirmed by Google.

Google Pixel Fold 3 Price

Pricing details for the Google Pixel Fold 3 are yet to be announced. However, given its premium features and cutting-edge technology, it’s expected to be positioned as a high-end device. We’ll provide more information on pricing as it becomes available, ensuring you’re informed and ready to decide on this revolutionary device.

Based on different countries prices are given below:

Pixel Fold 3 price in USA$2000
Pixel Fold 3 price in India165,811 Indian Rupee
Pixel Fold 3 price in Australia3,045 Australian Dollar
Pixel Fold 3 price in Canada2,702 Canadian Dollar
Pixel Fold 3 price in UK1,583 Pound sterling
Pixel Fold 3 price in German1,849 Germany Euro

Google Pixel Fold 3 FAQs

  • When will the Google Pixel Fold 3 be released?
    • The official release date is yet to be announced.
  • What is the price of the Google Pixel Fold 3?
    • Pricing details will be revealed closer to the launch date.
  • Does the Google Pixel Fold 3 support wireless charging?
    • Yes, it supports fast and wireless charging.
  • Will the Google Pixel Fold 3 be available in multiple storage options?
    • Yes, it will be available in 512GB and 1TB variants.
  • Does this model compare with the S25 Ultra?


The Google Pixel Fold 3 represents the pinnacle of smartphone innovation. With its stunning display, powerful battery, revolutionary camera system, and cutting-edge technology, it’s set to redefine what we expect from our mobile devices. As we await its release, one thing is clear: the Pixel Fold 3 is not just a step forward in smartphone design and technology; it’s a leap into the future. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting device, and prepare to experience the next level of mobile technology with the Google Pixel Fold 3.

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