Google Pixel 8 Pro Max 5G 2024 Release Date, Specs, & Price!

The Google Pixel 8 Pro Max 5G 2024 is set to debut soon with 16GB RAM, Google Tensor Chipset, and 8000mAh Battery. This device will be the latest flagship phone from Google and will compete with the Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max. The Pixel 8 Pro Max will have a price of $1300 USD.

What’s new with the Google Pixel 8 Pro Max 5G 2024

In 2024, Google is going to release the Google Pixel 8 Pro Max 5G 2024. This device has many new features and improvements over the original Pixel 8 Plus. Key highlights include a 5Ghz network, a redesigned camera with portrait mode, and a new AI-powered gaming mode that can improve your gaming experience. Additionally, the phone has a new display with improved color accuracy and resolution.

Design: what does the phone look like?

Google Pixel 8 Pro Max

The Google Pixel 8 Pro Max is a phone that has been released by Google. It is a phone that has a lot of features and it is also very expensive. The phone looks different from other phones and this may be because it was designed by Google. The design of the phone is unique and you will not find another phone like it.

Display: what is the screen like?

When it comes to displays, there are a lot of options out there. Some are large and some are small. But what size is the perfect display for you? Do you want something that’s big and on your face, or do you want something that’s small and easy to carry around? There’s a display out there for everyone. So what is the perfect screen size for you?

The Google Pixel 8 Pro Max is one of the largest displays on the market. It has a diagonal size of 7 inches and a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160. This means that it has a lot of pixels per inch. This makes it perfect if you want to watch movies or play games on your phone.

Camera: what can the camera do?

If you’re in the market for a new phone and camera, check out the Google Pixel 8 Pro Max. This phone has some amazing features that make it great for photography. Pixel 8 Pro Max Camera is Quad 108MP + 64MP + 32MP + 16MP. Also, it will include a single 64MP camera. Here are just a few of what the camera can do:

First, the phone has a dual-aperture lens that allows you to take better photos in low light or indoors. Second, it uses artificial intelligence to improve your photos automatically. Third, there’s a portrait mode that lets you take beautiful photos of people. Fourth, there’s an AR feature that lets you add objects to your photos and share them with others. Fifth, the phone has stunning displays on both the front and rear cameras which makes taking photos easy and enjoyable. Sixth, the battery is good for long hours of use so you can take lots of photos without having to charge constantly.

Performance: how well does the phone perform?

When it comes to performance, the Google Pixel 8 Pro Max is one of the fastest phones on the market. The phone is able to handle any task that you might throw at it with ease, from gaming to loading up multiple apps at once. Whether you’re looking for a phone that can keep up with your most demanding tasks or one that will let you leisurely enjoy your favorite shows and videos, the Google Pixel 8 Pro Max is definitely worth considering.

Battery life: how long does the battery last?

How long does the battery last on the Google Pixel 8 Pro Max? The answer, surprisingly, depends on how you use your phone. If you mostly use it for calls, texts, and basic web browsing, the battery will likely last a day or two. But if you’re constantly using your phone’s AR and VR capabilities or streaming videos, the battery will drain much faster. So make sure to keep an eye on your battery level to avoid running out of power mid-day.

Google Pixel 8 Pro Max Specs

  • Connectivity: 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G
  • USB: Yes
  • EDGE: Yes
  • GPRS: Yes
  • Wifi: Yes
  • USB Type: Type C port
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • OS: Android 13
  • Chipset: Google Tensor Chipset.
  • Browser Supports: HTML5
  • RAM: 12/16 GB
  • Storage: 256/512 GB
  • Expandable Storage Upto 1TB
  • Rear Camera: Quad 108MP + 64MP + 32MP + 16MP.
  • Front Camera: Single 64MP lenses for capturing selfies and video calls.
  • Auto Focus: Yes
  • Flash: Yes, LED Flash
  • Camera Features: LED Flash, Panorama, HDR
  • Video Recording: 4k
  • Videos: 8K@24fps, 4K@30/60fps, 1080p@30/60/240fps, 720p@960fps, HDR10+, stereo
  • Battery Size: 8000mAh
  • Battery Type: Li-ion Battery
  • Removable Battery: No
  • Fast Charging: Yes
  • Sim Size: Nano+Nano SIM
  • Sim Type: GSM+GSM
  • Dual Sim: Yes
  • Device Type: Smartphone
  • Release Date: December 15, 2024 (Expected)
  • Display Size: 7 Inch
  • Aspect Ratio: 21:9
  • Display Resolution: 3,840 x 2,160 pixels
  • GPS: Yes
  • Sensors: Light sensor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Compass
  • Face Unlock: Yes
  • Fingerprint Sensor: Yes
  • 5mm Headphone Jack: Yes

Google Pixel 8 Pro Max Release Date

Google has not announced any specific release dates for the Google Pixel 8 Pro Max. We are currently anticipating a projected 15th of December 2024 Pixel 8 release. There could be some developments in developing Pixel 8 devices in the interim, and that could delay the release.

Google Pixel 8 Pro Max Price

Pixel 8 Pro Max is a phone that is expected to have a high price. Reportedly, the Google Pixel 8 Pro Max Price will be $1300.

Based on different countries prices are given below:

Pixel 8 Pro Max price in USA$1300
Pixel 8 Pro Max price in India98,495 Indian Rupee
Pixel 8 Pro Max price in Australia1,732 Australian Dollar
Pixel 8 Pro Max price in Canada1,624 Canadian Dollar
Pixel 8 Pro Max price in UK989 Pound sterling
Pixel 8 Pro Max price in German1,164 Germany Euro


The Google Pixel 8 Pro Max is an excellent phone that offers a lot of features and benefits. It has a powerful processor, a large display, and a great camera. It is also water-resistant and has long battery life. If you are looking for a new smartphone, the Google Pixel 8 Pro Max is definitely worth considering.

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  1. I am interested especially if this phone will indeed bring back the extended storage as you have indicated in this review of the phone specs.
    I didn’t purchase any of the Pixel phones because they did not include the extended storage via SD card, yet this review shows that it can be extended up to 1TB, which will make it tops of all of the newest cell phones to date.

    I love all of the other features of this phone, but this is the one feature that will prohibit me from upgrading from my current phone, which does include the SD card slot

    Please elaborate if this is true or not


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