How To Fix Gmail Promotions and Social No Connection error in iPhone

In this article, we gonna share with you How To Fix Gmail Promotions and Social No Connection error in iPhone. iOS is a completely smooth operating system, but that doesn’t necessarily mean applications made for iOS would provide the exact same seamless experience for iOS users. Frequently, there are bugs in apps that seem to come up quickly but are usually relatively annoying. iPhone users are regularly confronting problems with Gmail promotion and social tabs not connecting errors. In this error, persons using the authoritative Google email experience significant disruption to their communications.

The issue has been persistent for quite some time, and it’s a cause of concern for Apple customers. Apple has issued numerous updates, and both industry experts and users have recommended the use of these updates to completely fix the iMessage issue. By the time you receive these updates, you should be prepared for your iMessage problem to be eliminated.

How To Fix Gmail Promotions and Social No Connection error in iPhone

What is Gmail Promotions and Social No Connection error in iPhone?

The news about this bug has circulated over and over in the Apple community. Through this random bug in Gmail, the Apple users cannot access the Promotions and Socials tab of the Gmail app and are shown an “Unable to connect” error message.

error message

It’s an excellent feature in the Gmail app to have the Promotions and the Social tabs link your e-mails together. You can organize the promotional emails and the emails containing your social media info in two separate tabs.

This characteristic has made email handling very easy and stress-free. You can now see how critical this feature is for our users. Now, a no connection error is causing them anxiety.

Why is my Gmail saying no connection on my iPhone?

There could be a few reasons why your Gmail is saying no connection on your iPhone. One possibility is that you are not connected to the internet. Another possibility is that your Gmail account has been blocked by Google. To check if your Gmail account has been blocked, try logging in from a computer. If you are able to log in from a computer, then your Gmail account has been blocked.

How To Fix Gmail Promotions And Social No Connection Error In iPhone

I have found that a couple of troubleshooting methods will help you resolve this problem promptly. Some of them can be quite complex and must be carried out manually, so follow the process given below.

Method 1: Use Search Tab Feature

You can seek out promotions and socials, along with the tabs. You have to do it each time, but you can merely do this first step. I know it’s tough time consuming and boring, but sometimes it really gets the job done.

Method 2: Re-Enable Conversation View

Some users have reported that re-enabling the conversation view in the application settings could fix the problem. As the issue is most likely to be a technical bug, you can re-enable the settings and see if they help.

To try this method, follow the steps below:

In your Gmail app, head toward the upper left corner ( the hamburger menu). Click it.

Scroll below, you will see the settings option. Click it.

the hamburger menu

There is an option allowing you to view the text in a conversational style. Turn it off.

Turn it off

If you do not see both people’s messages, close and reopen the app. Then turn the conversation view back on.

Method 3: Merge the Promotions Tab with the Primary Inbox

The promotions tab combines your promoted emails along with your primary inbox, allowing you to view all your sent promotions in one spot. After your users’ issue is fixed, you will be able to reactivate this feature.

Following the steps below will help you to use this method: First, in your Gmail app, check your upper left corner for the “Accounts” option, and click on it.

So what do you do if you want to filter your inbox? Simply click on “account settings”, and you will see an option called “inbox categories.”

inbox categories

In this new era, you will see the promotions tab. That’s the one that shows the deals. Disable it.

Method 4: Clear Gmail Cache & Data

This method will completely erase your app data, including the cached data. This may correct the issue, but it’s not the ideal approach, so you can try it nonetheless. Remember, you will need to log back into your app once the app clears the data.

Steps to clear Gmail Cache & data from iPhone:

  1. Close all apps that are currently open.
  2. Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds.
  3. iPhone will prompt to shut down, do not move the slider, and cancel the action.
  4. iPhone will clear all local cache and data.

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Method 5: Update Gmail App

You may not updated your Gmail app for a few months, and the upgrade has already been restored in the new update. Many users are uninterested in updating their apps. Random problems can develop in older versions and with new updates, they are fixed. So you should verify that you’ve received any new updates.

Method 6: Re-Enable Manage Account Option

Many users have reported that the issue is resolved for themselves after they have disabled their account and enabled it once again.

To re-enable the “Manage Account” option on your iPhone, you have to:

To disable push notifications, tap the hamburger menu. Go to Settings, and then to Notifications. Select Manage accounts on this device and turns off the switch. Finally, close the app.

close the app

In addition to the fix above, you should also turn on this setting again. After that, try accessing your Promotions or Social tab in Gmail again and see if it has been fixed or not.

Method 7: Re-install Gmail App From Appstore

I’m sure this is the very first thought that every one of us had after discovering the bug. Updating your app is an easy and efficient way to deal with software flaws and issues connected to it.

Method 8: Use the Web Version Of Gmail

The good old Gmail web page; since you’re on the web, there are no bugs to fuss with. It will operate the same way it does on your app, minus the bugs and problems. Simply search through the words Gmail in its very own browser, and your browser will launch the search results. If you are not signed in to your Gmail, you should log in first. Once you’re logged in, you can access multiple accounts.

Final Word:

This tutorial teaches us how to fix the Social No Connection error, as well as Gmail Promotions, on certain iPhone models. All of the steps that we take to resolve this error will work on any encrypted iOS apparatus.

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