Fax and Phones in the Workplace: Balancing Efficiency and Reliability

Fax machines have been a common presence in offices for many years. Some might think that they are becoming obsolete due to the emergence of digital communication technologies. This assumption is far from accurate. Fax machines still have value in modern offices, especially in situations that require secure, quick, and dependable document transmission.

Technology has gone further and now the smartphone can perform document transmission, acting as digital faxing. Smartphones have replaced a lot of office equipment and fax machines are next in line. Here’s how to make your smartphone work as a printer and what uses fax has in the modern era.

Fax and Phones in the Workplace

How to Use Fax on a Smartphone?

All you need to communicate in business via fax is a smartphone and a special application. Here is the link where you can download the app to your iPhone. The fax app allows you to do all the same things as landline fax. It can manage, receive, and even store documents. Another plus for effective work communication is the preservation of all formats. This approach is much more efficient, practical, and economical.

Why Fax for Business?

#1 Message Don’t Get Lost

Fax machines are still popular because they are reliable. Texts and phone calls often don’t make it, but faxes are different. Interruptions can disrupt signals and bury emails in spam folders, but faxes ensure that your message reaches the recipient. Do people still fax? Yes, if they want to guarantee their message gets through.

#2 It’s Remained Surprisingly Modern

Why are people still using fax in 2023? Surprisingly, the process of sending fax has kept up with modern times. While its usage has plateaued compared to its heyday, it hasn’t sharply declined. So, why do people still fax? Fax has adapted to the internet era, embracing email, cell phones, and computers as means of sending faxes. Traditional fax machines are less commonly used now, thanks to computers with built-in fax components and all-in-one printers. This streamlining has helped faxing stay current, along with its user-friendly interface that resembles Gmail.

#3 It Provides Confirmation Pages

When you answer the question, “Are fax machines obsolete?”, remember to consider documents like confirmation pages. They are definitely not obsolete, and neither is the fax machine. In fact, confirmation pages are the main reason fax remains a popular method of business communication. A confirmation page is a document that confirms your recipient has received your message. This evidence offers legal protection in some cases and is a useful way to keep a paper trail of your business interactions. It includes important information like sender and receiver fax numbers, as well as the date and time the message was sent.

#4 It Makes Paperwork Simpler

Every business, without exception, deals with paperwork. Sometimes, it’s an overwhelming stack of documents that brings a sense of dread. Having a tool that simplifies and organizes the process of sending, sorting, and storing paperwork is invaluable to any business. Using a fax machine is one such tool that not only simplifies paperwork but also creates a secure record, ensuring everything is safe and protected. This becomes particularly useful when last-minute negotiations take place with another company. The updated documents can be easily faxed over without the need to rush back to the office to print the required papers.

#5 Almost Every Business Uses It

Fax technology has been around for a while, gaining a reputation. You’ve probably heard of it, maybe through word of mouth. Almost everyone knows someone who still uses a fax machine, personally or in business. It’s more common for businesses to use fax than not. This triggers the Bandwagon Effect. Since many companies already use this technology, more are drawn to it to fit in and keep up. It all comes down to the fear of missing out: if others are doing it, it’s probably worth trying for you too.

Fax technology

#6 Physical Records

In many situations, people consider a faxed document or message legally valid and binding. This makes them a more reliable paper trail than an email chain, especially for lawyers and firms. Despite the sincere efforts of the Obama administration, many healthcare providers in the US still rely on faxes for communication. HIPAA-compliant practices make sharing medical records more complicated. The rules are particularly strict when documents are sent between hospitals or medical centers. It’s not just about security – even if you have end-to-end encryption, you could still send medical records to the wrong person. Faxing patient information, especially between specialists, is approved by HIPAA. That’s why many doctors still use fax machines in their offices. The same goes for many attorneys. Fax communication is immediate, easy to store in the office, and can be used as evidence with a timestamp in court. In many cases, an email or text message may not hold as much weight.


Despite the rise of digital communication tools, fax still plays an important role in modern workplaces. They are reliable, secure, and widely used in healthcare, finance, and law. Fax has evolved to include features like internet faxing and email-to-fax capabilities, making them even more convenient. If your company wants to transition from fax machines and adopt modern solutions, then FAX from iPhone is the perfect choice for you. It’s secure, reliable, and easy to use.

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