Best Weapons In V Rising

Best weapons in V Rising: Popular with this new “V Rising” open-world survival game, this brand-new video game has made an astounding first impression on most of the players. In this world, you wake up as a zombie after having been sleeping for centuries, and your goal is to search for blood to restore strength and create more allies to determine leadership within the living. As a result, you have to go on fighting against many enemies as well as dozens of very powerful superiors. This will make you feel the need for more powerful weapons during your trip.

V Rising’s assortment of weapons is enough to assist you to reach your victory. Another good thing is you can assess the weapons’ degree of power and strength without considering their strengths. V Rising’s weapons are roughly equidistant in value and firepower. There are many weapons from which to choose, giving you greater flexibility to play in the way you like. However, considering their speed, skills, and a few other factors, a few of those weapons appear more viable than others.

We have made a list of the best V Rising weapons for our target audience. These weapons will allow you to hold an upper hand during a fight without any doubt.

Best weapons in V Rising

V Rising is a new 3D shooter game that is set in an alternate history where the Axis Powers won World War II. The game allows players to choose from a variety of weapons and equipment from that era, including tanks, ships, and planes. Before beginning the game, you should know that V Rising ha sido entreprise à obtenir une repertoire de 7 types de armes différentes de la partie. Vous obtiendraz 1 arme à distance longue et 6 autres armes en mélée à ses plus équerres. Chacune de ces armes possesse un attribut caractéristique qui contribue à ses particularités.

Once you can master the attack combination with any of those weapons, then think about sticking with it for the remainder of the time as well. For that reason, I have collected all the best weapons in the game for you.

1. Sword


Attack Combo: 35%/ 35%/ 40%

Skills: Whirlwind, Shockwave

Specialty: Vegetation

Swords are the best course of action when examining the skills in V Rising. As a melee weapon, it is speedy and can land fast attacks on the foe. The damage rate of swords is substantially superior to other melee weapons on this list. In addition, it can also be used to good effect as a shielding tool. When using the strong shock waves generated by the blades, you can evade enemy attacks quite comfortably while inflicting heavy damage on opponents.

Aside from that, the whirlwind skill lets you slash any hostile attacker while going in circles. The damage dealt is half of what’s done by a shock wave. It is a handy strategy to swoop in and book critical strikes, dealing 35 damage per second. Also, the swords specialize in monsters dealing a 25% damage bonus to all types of life.

2. Spear

Attack Combo: 40%/ 40%/ 50%

Skills: A Thousand Spears, Harpoon

Specialty: Creatures


The spear is one of the best weapons in V Rising. It is fast, accurate, and has a long-range. Spears can be used to kill enemies quickly or to keep them at bay. They are also relatively easy to use, making them a good weapon for beginners.

The Spear has the advantage over the next weapon in V Rising, and yet it is still much weaker when compared to the sword in general. Its major strength lies in its capability to take on single poachers in an instant, doing 25 percent extra harm. With its Thousand Spears ability, it is able to launch heavy-damage multi-strike single-strike strikes dealing a miraculous amount of damage over eight times. That’s a lot of damage in a single strike.

The harpoon skill offers you more ways to look for enemies and kill them with a throw of a spear. Every throw deals 70 damage to the enemies, causing them to move toward you. Therefore, if you have more of an attacking style, this skill will provide you with even more power, especially during the earliest games.

3. Axes


Attack Combo: 45%/ 45%/ 55%
Skills: Frenzy, X-Strike
Specialty: Wood

The most attractive feature of axes is that it is a dual-handed weapons. Consequently, it provides much more flexibility while battling enemies. Aside from that, both its abilities make it capable of causing great damage to them. To start with, being a dual weapon, Axes are largely used to cut down trees. Additionally, its Frenzy ability empowers it to dash forward and completely wipe out the first enemy dealing 100  points of damage. It also increases your attack rate by 30  and mobility by 25  for 0.8 seconds.

Even if you are spending a small time frame, it is capable of harming the enemy enormously in very important moments. Aside from the X-Strike, it’s an equally impressive technique to go with. With this move, it is possible to pile both the axes right into a heading into the cross direction to produce the move that appears just like an X. With this move, each strike will be able to deal up to 85 damage as well as smooth out the enemy for 1.5 seconds. Furthermore, at the center of the crossroads where both axes meet when generating the X, it stops the enemy for approximately two seconds. The application of both these abilities correctly makes this the ultimate maneuver to be utilized.

4. Mace


Attack Combo: 50%/ 50%/ 60%
Skills: Crushing Blow, Smack
Specialty: Mining

The Mace has the highest attacking capability, allowing it to destroy the Monster most effective in V Ascending. This tank-like weapon is powerful and with its specialty in Mining, it is deemed the top alternative for earning copper and iron. The striking capacity allows it deals 50 damage to enemies and freeze them for 1.2 seconds. If this mace hits the ground, it inflicts 110 points of damage, which is quite a large amount. Mace, when not-in-ready mode, is considerably slower than other weapons, even with a Hurt slash (a melee blow), which is a major disadvantage.

5. Reaper


Attack Combo: 50%/ 50%/ 55%
Skills: Tendon Swing, Howling Reaper

The Reaper is unlike most of the other weapons after it returns 125 damage. In addition, it is like the Mace, another rather powerful weapon that takes care of all enemies by dealing 125 damage. Reaper’s Tendon Swing ability has the maximum potential in the first blow. In addition to the howling reaver skill, it is also possible to throw a howling reaver that deals another 20 damage and slows for 1.25 seconds at its initial projectile.

6. Slasher


Attack Combo: 27.5%/ 27.5%/ 35%
Skills: Camouflage, Elusive Strike

Next is Slasher, a dagger-shaped melee weapon with some devastating stats. Unlike Mace or Reaper, Slasher has low damage, but it has rapid movement. Its powerful Acuity and Aviary skills are especially valuable. The Camouflage skill is key for crimsoning around Slasher. It enables the user to appear camouflaged while greatly increasing stamina by 25%. Toward this time, it can take several major assaults to put out a good amount of damage to the enemies, along with a three-second delay.

The Elusive Strike is an innovative ability that enables you to dash far ahead and dash back while dealing 60  physical damage to your enemies. Additionally, each strike makes it more difficult for the enemy to incapacitate you.

7. Crossbow


Attack Combo: 110%
Skills: Rain of Bolts, Snapshot

As a long-ranged weapon, the Crossbow allows you to damage enemies from afar without allowing direct contact. It has helpful tips for your full enjoyment but has as it was quite a difficult weapon to obtain. It is primarily wounded by powerful hits, does not have the combo perk, and needs to shoot in battle. Nonetheless, it has a number of functions that can be used well and come in handy in fights as well. Rain of Bolts allows you to make five bolts fall on your foes and destroy any part of their bodies that they hit on the ground. It’s a rather potent attack because you deal around 40 damage in a specific area yourself.

For instance, the snapshot skill intense bolts toward the enemies. Each blow of these bolts equates to 75  and inflicts an extra 2 seconds, which aids in discovering a trap.


The best weapons in V Rising are the ones that can be used most effectively against your enemy. Whether it’s a sniper rifle to take them out from a distance, or a shotgun to blast them in close quarters, using the right weapon can make all the difference in a fight. So remember, choose your weapon wisely, and don’t be afraid to get creative with your tactics!

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