Apple iPhone 19 Pro Max 5G Release Date, Full Specs & Price!

The Apple iPhone 19 Pro Max 5G is the newest and most advanced iPhone yet. It has a new design with a larger screen and more powerful features. The phone also has upgraded internals, including a new A19 Bionic chip and improved cameras.

Apple iPhone 19 Pro Max

What’s new with the Apple iPhone 19 Pro Max?

Apple will release the iPhone 19 Pro Max in 2026. This is a new high-end phone that has some key improvements over the iPhone 19. Most notable is the new A19 Bionic chip, which is significantly faster than previous models.

Other features include a reimagined camera system with enhanced low-light shooting and portrait mode, as well as an all-new AR experience called “Portrait Lighting 2”. There are also several new emojis included, including a bald eagle and a polar bear wearing sunglasses.

Camera Quad 108 MP + 32 MP + 16 MP + 8 MP
Display 6.7 Inch
Performance A19 Bionic
Storage 256/512 GB
Battery 4600mAh
Launch Date October 20, 2026 (Expected)
Our Rating 4.8

Apple has also announced a new policy where customers can trade in their old phones and upgrade to the latest model without any added cost or wait time. See also iPhone 21 Pro Max.

Design: A big and bulky phone

The iPhone 19 Pro Max is Apple’s latest and biggest phone. And, it’s big. Big. It’s so big that some people may find it bulky and uncomfortable to use. However, if you’re looking for a powerful phone with a lot of features, the iPhone 19 Pro Max is worth considering.

Here are some of the most notable features of the iPhone 19 Pro Max:

-It has a massive 6.7-inch display screen that makes it easy to view content and interact with your apps.

-It has a powerful processor that makes it very fast and responsive when using apps and browsing the internet.

-It comes with a lot of valuable features such as face recognition, augmented reality, and wireless charging capabilities.

Display: 6.7 Inch Display. A giant screen for a giant phone

As phone technology advances, so too does the display size. With the iPhone 19 Pro Max, Apple has introduced a 6.7-inch display that takes up most of the front panel on the device.

The larger screen offers a more immersive experience and makes it easier to multitask. However, some users may find it difficult to operate the phone with one hand due to its size.

Processor and Memory:

Apple has just announced the iPhone 19 Pro Max, which comes with a Hexa-core processor and 8GB of RAM. It also has 512GB ROM, making it one of the most powerful iPhones on the market.

The iPhone 19 Pro Max is a great choice for anyone who wants to do plenty of multitasking and gaming. With its six cores and 8GB of RAM, it’s able to handle everything you throw at it without slowdown or issues. Plus, with its 512 GB of storage, you can store all your music, videos, and photos without having to worry about running out of space.

If you’re looking for an iPhone that can handle everything you throw at it, the iPhone 19 Pro Max is worth considering.

Performance: Apple’s most powerful phone yet

Apple’s most powerful iPhone yet is the iPhone 19 Pro Max. This phone has a lot of the features that you would expect from an iPhone, but it also has some new and exciting features that make it stand out from other iPhones.

One of the most important things to note about this phone is its performance. It has a lot of the latest and greatest features, but it still manages to be one of the most powerful phones on the market. This is thanks to its powerful A19 Bionic chip and 8GB of RAM like the iPhone 18 Pro Max.

Cameras: Quad lens camera system

A new camera system created by iPhone manufacturer, Apple, is set to revolutionize photography. Dubbed the “iPhone 19 Pro Max”, the camera features a quad lens system that allows users to capture more detailed and vivid photos than ever before. The innovative design allows users to get incredibly close to their subjects without having to worry about distortion or blurry images.

The camera also has a built-in infrared filter that enhances nighttime photography by reducing noise and providing clearer images. With this new innovation, photographers will be able to create stunning visual content that is sure to impress audiences of all ages.

Battery life: The best yet?

Ever since the inception of smartphones, battery life has been a major concern for users. With the ever-growing popularity of larger and more powerful smartphones, it is no wonder that battery life has become such an issue. However, there is now a range of options available to users when it comes to finding a smartphone with long battery life.

Some of the Apple iPhone 19 Pro Max on the market come with batteries that are 4,500 mAh or larger. This offers users significant improvements in terms of battery life over previous models. For example, the iPhone 19 Pro Max comes with a battery that is capable of 4,600 mAh. This means that even with intensive use, such as streaming video or playing games for extended periods of time, the phone will still have enough juice left to take on another day’s worth of tasks.

Apple iPhone 19 Pro Max Specs & Features

  • Connectivity: 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G
  • USB: Yes
  • EDGE: Yes
  • GPRS: Yes
  • Wifi: Yes
  • USB Type: Type C port
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Chipset: A19 Bionic.
  • Browser Supports: HTML5
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Storage: 256/512 GB
  • Rear Camera: Quad 108 MP + 32 MP + 16 MP + 8 MP.
  • Front Camera: Single 48MP lenses for capturing selfies and video calls.
  • Auto Focus: Yes
  • Flash: Yes, LED Flash
  • Camera Features: LED Flash, Panorama, HDR
  • Video Recording: 4k
  • Videos: 8K@24fps, 4K@30/60fps, 1080p@30/60/240fps, 720p@960fps, HDR10+, stereo
  • Battery Size: 4600mAh
  • Battery Type: Li-ion Battery
  • Removable Battery: No
  • Fast Charging: Yes
  • Sim Size: Nano+Nano SIM
  • Sim Type: GSM+GSM
  • Dual Sim: Yes
  • Device Type: Smartphone
  • Release Date: October 20, 2026 (Expected)
  • Display Size: 6.7 Inch
  • Aspect Ratio: 21:9
  • GPS: Yes
  • Sensors: Light sensor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Compass
  • Face Unlock: Yes
  • Fingerprint Sensor: Yes
  • 5mm Headphone Jack: Yes

See also the iPhone 20 Pro Max.

Apple iPhone 19 Pro Max Release Date:

The iPhone 19 Pro Max phone is expected to be released in early 2026. The latest model is still pending release by Apple, but it is expected that this phone will become available again in 2026. Apple has not yet announced the release date. Check out the iPhone 22 Pro Max Release Date.

iPhone 19 Pro Max Price

With the launch of the Apple iPhone 19 Pro Max, the Cupertino-based technology giant has upped the ante in the smartphone market.

The iPhone 19 Pro Max Price tag of $2350 which makes it one of the most expensive iPhones on the market. However, its features and specifications make it an excellent choice for those who are looking for a top-of-the-line smartphone.

iPhone 19 Pro Max FAQs

What is the cost of the iPhone 19 Pro Max in USA?

The cost of iPhone 13 Pro Max in USA is $2350.

How many inches is iPhone 19 Pro Max?

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is 6.7 inches tall.

How long does iPhone 19 Pro Max battery last?

The iPhone 19 Pro Max battery lasts for up to 24 hours of talk time, 14 hours of internet use, and 90 hours of audio playback.

Is iPhone 19 Pro Max waterproof?

Yes, the iPhone 19 Pro Max is waterproof.


The Apple iPhone 19 Pro Max is a powerful phone that offers great features for a high price. It has a 6.7-inch OLED display, Quad cameras, and a new A19 Bionic chip. Overall, it’s an impressive device that would be perfect for those who are looking for the best iPhone available. However, some drawbacks should be considered before deciding to purchase this phone.

For example, the battery life is not as good as the present generation and the storage space is not as large as some of the other options on the market. Overall, though, the iPhone 19 Pro Max is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a top-of-the-line phone.

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