Samsung Galaxy Zero Xtreme 2021: Specs, Price, Release Date!

Samsung Galaxy Zero Xtreme 2021: Specs, Price, Release Date! Here we are with another upcoming smartphone with full specs, storage, camera, battery, and many more. Which brand will take our spotlight today?

It will be the most popular brand Samsung and the phone will be named Samsung Galaxy Zero Xtreme. This is another beast from the Galaxy series.  This phone will be the latest one and will have all the updated features.

Samsung is best known for its strong technology. This South Korean Multinational brand brings all high-performance devices. This galaxy Zero Xtreme will come with a 64Mp camera, 16GB RAM, 6700mAh power box, and many more.

Want to know the rest of the details?

Then you have to scroll down and read the full article. We have all leaked information, rumors, news, release date, price, and many more to share with you.

Before that, we want to clear that all the details we will share aren’t 100%confirmed. The configuration can be changed anytime by Samsung, as they didn’t yet officially confirmed anything rather than the announcement of releasing this new monster Samsung Galaxy Zero Xtreme 2021.

Samsung Galaxy Zero Xtreme


Samsung Galaxy Zero Xtreme 2021 Specs and Features

Design: This flagship will be built on a metal frame and will have shiny Gorilla glass on both front and back. This Galaxy Zero Xtreme will be available in many colors. Rumors are there the colors will be Black, Orchid, Grey, Golden, and Blue. We don’t have any confirmation on these rumors but we can expect it will turn true. Check also the Samsung Galaxy Oxygen Pro Design.


Display: The first thing that drags our attention at the first look is the display of any smartphone. You can say love at first sight. Whenever we look at any smartphone with a large capacitive beautiful display we get attached and have a thought in mind of testing it. These Samsung Galaxy Zero Xtreme specs will come with a super AMOLED 6.5inches multitouch display. It will have a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. And for the screen protection, Samsung has attached a Corning Gorilla Glass 7.

Corning gorilla glass

Battery; Power Box is another thing of concern. But you don’t have to worry when you are purchasing a Samsung flagship. This new updated Galaxy Zero Xtreme will come with a 6700mAh battery. And along with that it will have fast charging technology. So when you will put your handset on charge it won’t take much to be recharged. And once it’s fully charged you won’t have to take any worry of losing the charge very soon. The phone can give you services up to 2 days easily after the recharged.

Camera: No brand can be left behind Samsung in bringing the latest devices with all updated features. With this new Samsung galaxy Zero Xtreme, you will get a triple camera 64MP, 8MP, 4MP back sensor on the rear. And if you are thinking about the front camera quality, let me clear you; with this flagship, you will get the 24MP high-quality snapper. So be ready to get a better experience with this Samsung device. Check for the Samsung Galaxy Oxygen Premium camera.

Storage: Samsung Galaxy Zero Xtreme will have many versions of storage like 10/12/16GB RAM and 128/256/512GB ROM. If it’s not enough for you then Samsung has a solution for you. They have created an extra MicroSD card slot for you. If you want you can expand the onboard storage by inserting an additional SD card. This smartphone is almost ready to offer you the best performance.


Processor: Samsung beast will have a strong processor. It will take power from the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset. And as fas the concern of its operating system it will be built on Android 10. You will get connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS, and many more.


Others: Samsung has added the latest sensors like fingerprint, Face ID recognition, Gyro, Accelerometer, barometer, Compass, etc. this phone will support 5G network Technology. You can check also Samsung Galaxy J11 Pro 5G phone.  One more interesting thing is this smartphone can live in 2mm water for up to 2 hours. This phone will compete with the OnePlus XT Max smartphone.


Samsung Galaxy Zero Xtreme 2021 Price

Samsung didn’t announce the Samsung Galaxy Zero Xtreme price publicly. But we have news for you. According to our reports, the price of this Samsung device will start from 700$. Yes, it will be a medium-priced smartphone. If we are worth the quality the price isn’t much.

But this price isn’t officially confirmed so it can change.

Let’s know some neighboring countries’ prices of this smartphone.

  • 59,379tk in Bangladesh
  • Samsung Galaxy Zero Xtreme Price in India 51,654rs.
  • Samsung Galaxy Zero Xtreme Price in Pakistan 1,12,035rs
  • 576,30Euro in EURO countries

You can also check for Samsung Galaxy Zero Plus Price.

Samsung Galaxy Zero Xtreme 2021 Release Date

This Samsung Zero Xtreme is an upcoming smartphone from the Samsung brand. Samsung has announced this flagship but didn’t mention any launch date. So can’t give you the exact date of release but we can give you an expected date. Our sources have given us the possibility of releasing this handset in 2021. Yes, dear, this Samsung Galaxy Zero Xtreme Release Date is the first quarter of 2021. See More: Samsung Galaxy S12 Plus smartphone.

If we have missed any important details of the Samsung Galaxy Zero Xtreme 2021 you can remind us by telling us through the comment. We will give a review check and will add that section if need.

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