Nokia Beam Plus Max 5G 2024 Specs, Price, Release Date, and many more!

Are you waiting for a smartphone with a stunning design and high-end specifications?

HDM will introduce a new beast called Nokia Beam Plus Max 5G 2024, with a rare 108MP Quad camera, 12GB RAM, and a 7500mAh non-removable battery.

As we know, Nokia is one of the famous and trusted brands. And they are planning to launch some smartphones with fantastic designs like Nokia Beam Plus Max, Nokia Beam Plus Compact, and Nokia Beam Compact. And these phones have been rumored that will be launched this year globally. We will share the details of each of the following smartphones very soon.

Today we are going to share only the Nokia Beam Plus Max 5G smartphone details with you.

Are you interested to know more details about this new flagship?

Then you have to be with us till the end.

Nokia didn’t announce the launching date, price, and specs officially but has leaked some details, and in this article, we will share all the leaked information about Nokia Beam Plus Max Mobile.

Remember, all the details we will share are rumored. There is no confirmation about the details; we are just sharing what we got from our sources. And you have to wait to be prepared to buy this smartphone until Nokia officially confirms the news.

Nokia Beam Plus Max

Nokia Beam Plus Max 2024 Full Specs

Let’s know about the design, battery, display, storage, processor, and other specs of the Nokia Beam Plus Max.

Design: Nokia Beam Plus Max Specs is another creation of HDM. This Smartphone will be built on a metal frame, and the front will be glass. And the display will be a bezel. Till now, there is no clue about the colors this smartphone will be available. But we expect Nokia will bring this flagship in beautiful colors as offered before.

Display: Nokia Beam Plus Max will flaunt a 6.7-inch OLED display with 4k resolution. The front and back of this phone will be covered with glossy glass and protected by the premium Gorilla Glass 6. This smartphone is going to bring more appreciation and popularity to Nokia.

Camera: Coming to the optics department, this smartphone will bear a quad camera setup. It will have 108MP first primary, 32MP secondary,16MP ultra-wide, and a TOF sensor camera like Nokia Flash Max. This smartphone will have a dual 32 MP front camera for taking selfies and video calling. Nokia Beam Plus Max will give you a perfect shot both day and night.

Battery: This Nokia new flagship will have a non-removable 7500mAh battery. This smartphone will support fast charging. Once you fully charge this phone battery, it’s going to run for a long time. It’s expected to run for almost 2 days. This is a plus point to being loved by game lovers and internet users. Isn’t it amazing?

Processor; The processor is strong like the other Nokia creations. Nokia never compromises with quality to get a high-quality processor in this Nokia Beam Plus Max. It will have Android 14 as the operating system. The processor of the Nokia Upcoming Beam Plus Max will be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 4.

Storage: Larger storage is one of the strongest reasons people love the Nokia brand. This phone will have 12GB RAM and 256/512GB internal storage as the storage is enough for anyone so you won’t get any extra microSD card slot. We know it’s sad news for some but nothing to do. You have to be happy with the internal storage.

Security: Privacy is essential for anyone. Nokia cares about you, and that’s why they will give you security options. You will get a fingerprint sensor, face Id detector, and other sensors like proximity, accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, and light sensor in this smartphone.

Other; Nokia Beam Plus Max 2024 will have connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS, 4G Volte, and many more.

Nokia Beam Plus Max Release Date

As per the sources, Nokia Beam Plus Max will be released very soon. There is no confirmation about this news, as we know Nokia didn’t officially announce it. So you have to wait till the Nokia company confirms the story. Nokia 5.3 has already been released on the market.

Nokia Beam Plus Max Price

Nokia is a high-priced brand, so the Nokia Beam Plus Max price will also be higher than other brands. But compared to Nokia’s other smartphones and specifications, The Beam Plus Max is affordable for Nokia lovers. This flagship will be launched globally. Let’s know the price of this smartphone in popular countries-

  • $550 in the USA
  • 40,539rs in India
  • 46,648 in Bangladesh
  • 87,725 in Pakistan

We have told you everything about the new, updated flagship Nokia Beam Plus Max 2024. Still, if we have missed anything or want to know something that we didn’t cover, you can tell us through the comment. We will respond to your comment as fast as we can.

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