Most Exciting Gaming Smartphones on the Market Today

Most Exciting Gaming Smartphones on the Market Today: Smartphone manufacturers are always looking for an advantage over one another, improving specifications, screen size, clarity, the definition in audio, processing power, and more. But while all these things sound impressive, the key thing is, will the device do what you want it to? In this case, we’re focussing on gaming.

Most Exciting Gaming Smartphones on the Market Today

Most Exciting Gaming Smartphones on the Market Today:

The best gaming phones tend to be the ones with the higher specifications; they have the most RAM and tend to have the fastest CPUs. However, there’s an excellent reason for that, as the games that we see on the mobile platform these days are not far away from those found on dedicated gaming consoles such as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The number of titles is ever increasing too, across every gaming genre.

Fortress of Solitude ranks Garena Free Fire as a notable game amongst the modern titles that push the tech to its limits. Even the most basic of games such as online slots rely on power to create a good gaming environment. The range of online slots from Foxy Bingo includes titles with popular themes and brands such as Gremlins and Friends, which means that the mobile device they are played on has to help create an immersive, recognizable experience. Without good graphics and sound, the licensable brands wouldn’t be familiar to the gamer; the same goes for the already recognizable franchises such as Call of Duty. That is a very intense title that has also moved into eSports where reliability and capability in the devices are key.

There are so many smartphones out there for gamers, so take a look at our pick of some of the best available for you to have an enjoyable, exciting gaming session.

ASUS ROG Phone 5
Price: 70097 BDT

This is undoubtedly one of the shining lights when it comes to the best platform for mobile gaming. This smartphone has been put together with the experts in gaming tech at computer giants, ASUS, who are known as the Republic of Gamers, so they know what players want. It has a massive 6,000mAh battery which means you can play for longer, but it comes with a 65W charger too, which gets things charged quickly so you can get back to the battlefield. Dual front-facing speakers flank the 6.78inch AMOLED display for good spatial sound. The responsive shoulder buttons give the feel of a console controller, allowing you to strafe effectively to dodge incoming fire too. The only downside to this smartphone is that its cameras are not of the standard of others on this list, but its credentials are solely rooted in gaming, and that’s where it excels.

Black Shark 3
Price: 50320 BDT

This more budget-friendly smartphone from Xiaomi’s gaming arm of devices certainly is an impressive piece of kit. It has a bold design and has LED lights to supplement its solid gaming credentials. While the Black Shark 3 hasn’t got the top-end specs of the ASUS ROG Phone 5 and that is reflected in the price, however, it’s not lagging too far behind. It comes with 8GB of RAM, which is more than enough to handle all modern titles and the most complex of online slots. It has a truly full-screen experience with no cut-out in the screen for the front-facing camera. Speaking of the display, although it only runs at 90Hz it has excellent clarity up to 1080p with bright, punchy colors, making the graphics on games like Fortnite really pop.

iPhone 13 Pro Max
Price: 122759 BDT

When Apple recently released their latest iteration of the iPhone, there was the usual talk of advances in technology, but the question we wanted to know was, can it game? The answer is yes, the new A15 Bionic chip, along with the additional GPU core powering the iPhone 13 Pro Max is a monster. It runs the biggest and most advanced games with ease. But added to that, the 120Hz Promotion Super Retina screen is the best out there right now. That means animations are smoother than ever, there’s a real vibrancy to it too. The intense racing action on Grid Autosport looks stunning, and you can corner with confidence knowing there’s not even a hint of the device struggling to deal with all the information being thrown at it. While the iPhone 13 Pro Max has the technology to push the envelope may be more than the others, its only downside is that it comes at a hefty price point.

These are our picks of the available smartphones for gamers to enjoy, from dedicated gaming-focused choices to the most modern of smartphones. While there are so many options when it comes to these devices now, it’s so pleasing to see the manufacturers placing such an importance on making them a viable choice for the most serious of gamers. We’re still waiting to see the next phone from Samsung too, so there could soon be another contender for the top gaming smartphone crown. If that does come to fruition, we’ll bring you that news as we get it here at Mobilekoto.

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