How does solar panel work

Every day we talk about one or another mobile. But today we will discuss – how does solar panel work. Solar panels generate electricity by harnessing the energy of light and heat from the sun. Using this type electricity we can use different types of materials in the house. They can be fans, lights, TV, etc. Electricity is generated by using only sunlight and heat. It is not made using any other natural or artificial energy.

Sunlight falls effortlessly on any part of the earth.  Its light and heat are available completely free. Plants make food from sunlight. In its role, plants and other animals grow. We all know about this. In addition, the role of direct and indirect sunlight in sustaining our lives is immense.  However, if the heat of the sun is high, it becomes very harmful for us. However, we will discuss the use of today’s solar heat to generate electricity. But before that, we need to know a lot about it.

Most of the electricity generated around the world is artificial.Turbine power and nuclear power plants are the most. The idea is that one day their existence will gradually decrease. Artificially generated electricity is extremely harmful to the environment. Electricity generated from sunlight does no harm to our environment. That way it is safer for us and less of a waste of money. The chances of getting caught in an electric accident are very low.

How does solar panel work

It is the interconnection between a few electronics devices. Work from collecting light from the sun to getting output through any electronic device. This means that, a solar system must have several electronic devices. These devices will convert sunlight into electric energy. Solar cells have another name. That name is photovoltaic. Here photo means light without understanding the picture. Voltaic refers to the voltage at which electric power is produced.

When a package is created by several cells, is called a panel. A number of battery cells are required to make a solar system. The more cells there are, the more the church will be saved. It is called a solar panel, because it is made up of a few such battery cells. Batteries use a chemical that takes charge and transmits electricity to the output devices.

Photovoltaic cells are made by a type of semiconductor called silicon. This means that the silicon material is made up of photovoltaics. Photovoltaic cells receive some light from the sun and absorb it, then drive it into semiconductor materials. The electrons of that energy are separated and allowed to move freely. In other words, the first step of the solar panel is done through photovoltaics.

When sunlight begins to fall on the earth, it causes billions of photons on the earth. Photons are tiny particles. When the photons fall on the photovoltaic cell, some of these electricity volts begin to form. When all the voltages of the panel are combined, high voltage is created. This high voltage is transmitted to the next device by a instrument. From there electricity is generated and reaches the battery cell.

Solar system

Whatever the solar system, its main source of energy is sunlight. Solar panels can be made in different ways by using its system. Of these, two systems are more important. One method is an on-grid solar system Another method is being given an off-grid solar system.

Ingrid system – In this method, the whole system is turned on for as long as there is sunlight except for the battery. That means there will be no sunlight and no electricity. It means no battery is used in it. It has all the necessary equipment: an Ingrid inverter, energy meter, and solar panel.

Off-grid system – This method converts energy from the sun into electricity through batteries and can be stored. Its electricity can be enjoyed even when there is no sunlight. Offgrid solar system equipment is used – an inverter, charge controller, solar panel, and battery bank. I hope you will gain about How does solar panel work from this post.

The electricity we use in ordinary homes is AC electricity. The electricity we get, that is Ac current. What we call solar power, is DC power. At present no AC solar panel has come into the solar market till now. However, technician experts are expected to come up with such solar system soon.

Charge controller

Charge controllers are used because of the use of batteries in off-grid solar panels. The charge controller performs all the functions for storing the electricity received from the panel in the battery. Automatically disconnects the charge controller when the battery is fully charged. Auto-connect again when the charge is needed. It can also automatically disconnect the load if it does not have the required power.


First of all, it has been said that the electricity we use in our homes is usually an alternating current. On the other hand, solar energy is direct current. For this, the DC current stored in the battery is converted to an alternating current through an inverter. If inverters are not used then the load used in homes will not work. This is why inverters are used to carry home loads well.

Solar panel installation
Solar panel installation

Use the battery bank

The battery bank is a combination of several batteries. This means that a solar panel can store as long as it has a powerful battery. The load can also be kept moving for a long time. The batteries are connected in series and parallel. If more voltage is required then the batteries have to be connected in series. To get more current, the batteries must be connected in parallel.

Things to keep in mind when buying it

It is important to know the maximum amount of electricity a solar panel can deliver. Solar panels can provide 20 watts of electricity. The same should be considered in the case of voltage. When there is no load on  it, its value has to be checked and selected. Must have an initial idea about short-circuiting of solar panel. Well, then accidents can be avoided very easily. Before buying solar panels, you must take an idea about this. It is best to take an expert technician with you. To read this post, You know How does solar panel work.

Solar panel cost

There no extra cost is required for this. There is no problem with paying the monthly electricity bill. Because it is your own power system. Prices vary according to the solar panel system and capacity. 4000 kW is priced at 15000$ and 8000 kW is priced at 29000$. Average solar panel price in USA 20000.

It use at home

Solar panel installation is required when it is brought into the home. For this, a skilled technician must  do the job. Otherwise, you will not get the required load. Accidents can happen due to any wrongdoing. However, it is best to install the solar system from the place where you bought it. How does solar panel work, I hope you are clear about it.

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